Sadness Over Dog Euthanization

What sort of emotions to expect when you euthanize a dog.

So you have gone ahead to euthanize your dog or are about to but you feel a deep sense of guilt or sadness within you?

I understand how this feels, but listen up…

You have to do what you have to do. If your decision to euthanize your dog was borne out of the love you have for it and how you don’t want it to continue to suffer because of an ailment, then there is no reason to feel guilty or sad.

You had to do what you had to do. Convince yourself that what you did was the best for your dog. Tell yourself that there is no reason to leave the dog in agony when you can help it by euthanasia.

You see, if there is some hope that your dog will survive the particular ailment, then you would feel sad, but if your dog was really sick and was always in unimaginable agony, then you did the right thing. Remind yourself of this fact each and every time the thought comes to your mind.

It is a mind’s game, really. If you can convince your mind that you did the right thing- giving it all the reasons I have mentioned herein, then you will feel less guilty and less sad.

But if you continue to nurture the thought that you could be doing the wrong thing thinking of euthanazing your dog, then this thought will grow and grow until it becomes a mighty gulf in your mind- which will plague you continually with guilt and sadness.

Apart from this, if you decide to go ahead and euthanize your dog, then make sure it is done in the most painless and silent way possible. Then make sure you get it decently buried or cremated (depending on which option you prefer). Don’t leave it to the veterinary doctor to do this because some don’t. Instead they use the dogs for experiment.

With this burial or cremation done, convince your mind that you have done the best you can for your dog. This conviction will keep your mind from being troubled about euthanizing your dog.

Now… here is the reverse-

If you don’t want to euthanize your dog, despite the agonizing pain it is going through, then you can also convince your mind of the need not to. Many people who feel so much attachment to their dogs find it very hard to let go- even when it is proven that the dog will not survive the illness. What they do is convince themselves that it is better for the dog to die a natural death than euthanasia.

If you fall into this category of people, then go ahead and do what your mind tells you. Just be strong enough to convince it of the need not to perform the ‘mercy killing’ on your dog and live by this decision.

From all these you can see that it is a mind’s game. Whichever party you belong to, it is up to you to convince your mind of what is wrong or what is right when thinking of euthanasia for dogs.

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