Russian Spies, Language and Subliminals

Over the years, numerous films have depicted Russian spies in various ways. “James Bond” movies and other espionage flicks never lacked the attendance a certain Russian spy working with or against the protagonist. In reality, however, these operatives have been through a lot of rigid training just to be called worthy of their role. Russian spies were even purported to have been learning language through subliminals.

The Russian Spies

The Russians have two agencies involved in espionage. The SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service) performs all the intelligence and surveillance work, while the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) protects Russia from espionage efforts of other countries.

The SVR is Russia’s main external intelligence organization. It is the descendant of the FCD (First Chief Directorate) of KGB ever since December of 1991. The agency’s headquarters are located in Yasenevo, Moscow – just outside of the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.

Not like the FSB, this agency is responsible for all intelligence efforts overseas. It functions in collaboration with the GRU, which is the country’s military intelligence organization. Nevertheless, the SVR is still more powerful behind the scenes in comparison to the GRU particularly with regard to identifying Russia’s foreign policy.

In addition, the SVR takes part in anti-terrorism collaboration and intelligence-sharing agreements with foreign intelligence organizations. The service also offers analysis and provision of intelligence to the Russian President.

The FSB, on the other hand, is the primary domestic security agency of Russia. It is the principal successor of the KGB, NKVD, and Soviet-era Cheka. This organization is engaged in counter-intelligence, internal/border security, surveillance, and counter-terrorism. The headquarters can be found on Lubyanka Square in downtown Moscow.

At present, Russian intelligence agencies can no longer recruit individuals purely on account of Communist ideals, which was considered the “first pillar” of the recruitment for KGB. The secondary pillar was devotion to Russia.

Learning Language Through Subliminals

Languages are basically acquired by means of listening to a particular spoken language – or languages. As a matter of fact, there are places in the world wherein it is commonplace to find multilingual people. The most amazing part is that none of these folks learned the various tongue in formal schools.

Speaking four or five languages is actually part of some people’s daily life. Due to the constant exposure to the sounds and words, the mind starts to spontaneously soak up the foreign tongue. After a while, the language is ingrained into the brain. People then begin to grasp and speak the words.

The human brain is mechanically programmed to receive the words and arrange them so that they make sense. The mechanism may differ from one language to another, yet not as much as you would believe. Every language is engraved to such a close pattern that some linguists consider them essentially as dialects of one primary tongue. In other words, each of us already have a machine that awaits the acquisition of a foreign language.

You simply need to learn the sounds and how they differ form your own language. After that, you just have to study the words. That’s basically everything you have to know. And subliminals basically help you do all of this at a much faster rate.

Learning language through subliminals is very effective and provides desirable results in just a short span of time. Because of its effectiveness, Russian spies have been alleged to be using the method all along during their training.

That is perhaps why most of them are portrayed in movies as multingual operatives.