RSS 101 Tutorial Part 7

Popularizing a Feed

Including the Feed on Your Web Site

The starting point for announcing your RSS feed is your web site, if you have one. Follow the steps given below to embrace your RSS feed on your web site:

1. Go to a site that offers RSS feeds and save the image of a official button used to demonstrate a feed. Typically, two types of buttons are used an orange button that says XML or a blue button that reads RSS.

2. Open the home page of your web site in an HTML editor.

3. Identify a prominent location on the home page and insert the saved button image. This will ascertain visitors do not miss seeing the RSS feed button on the web page. Present a suitable alternate text for the image to enable site visitors to better conceive its purpose.

4. Link the image to the feed URL.

5. Save the web page, upload it, and check that everything works the way it is meant to be. Fix the errors if there are any.

However, if you do not be conscious of HTML, go through any of the a certain number online primary tutorials on HTML while focusing on inserting an image and linking it. It is a simple single line of easy-to-use code.

After including a link to the RSS feed on the home page, insert it on other pages as you deem appropriate.

Using the Auto-discover Feature

A lot of Internet users familiar with RSS are using aggregators to seek and read RSS feeds on their favorite topics. Facilitate self-controlled recognition of your RSS feed by the site visitors and endorse its

auto-discovery by adding a simple code to the header section of your site’s home page. The simple steps to superadd this HTML code are:

1. Open the home page in an HTML editor.

2. Insert the following code line in the head section of the HTML source:

Confirm that you construct the correct URL of your RSS feed in the href tag.

3. Save the web page and upload it.

Some aggregators such as FeedDemon that support this feature can be used to verify auto-discovery included in the web site. Alternatively, the Firefox browser can also assist you do so.

The next part will be about: “Embracing the Feed on RSS Sites and Directories”. If you can’t wait till the next part release, or you can’t rediscover the first 6 parts of this Tutorial please download the extensive report from our web site in the downloads area.