RSS 101 Tutorial Part 3

Benefits for Content Providers

Delivery of content guaranteed, unlike email.

Thanks to the spam-blocking programs in email and ad blocking programs on browsers, there is always a doubt that info will accomplish the intended recipients. RSS however offers a foolproof way of delivering content to your audience. This means that you can now distribute customized rapidly changing news to people who are actively looking for it, and are sure to receive it.

Access to your targeted prospect audience

RSS gives you the excellent opportunity of directly communicating with consumers who are actually curious in your goods. No more addressing individuals who may or may not be concerned about your offerings or advertising on a popular general platform hoping that probable customers might come across it.

Decrease the time it takes you to deliver information using unlike traditional methods. Use the new content delivery technique to impress your audience and accomplish a broader spectrum of relative Internet surfers.

RSS feeds can be personalized

RSS provides you with an opportunity to give control to your site visitors over what they want to receive from you in a way that is superior to email, and other push options.

Give Users a Pleasant Experience

How several times do you click on the banners, pop-ups, and pop-unders that sneak up when you visit a web site? Rarely, of course.

More time after time than not, these so called marketing strategies are just annoying. Readers usually click on them to close them and are in a hurry so that them to go away. So why confuse your prospects with all the junk?

Use RSS to save the subscribers from having to deal with such undesirable innards and offer them a clean pleasant experience of just going through constant news. Fetch an edge over competitors by using this under-utilized opportunity and put your enterprise on a fast track.

Fetch Your Content Displayed on Other Sites

Syndicated content ensures that you can get your material to a much wider audience at very low cost and the audience is qualified across the network since they are always choosing to turn the information.

Content syndication with RSS allows web masters to stop worrying about updating their sites with present data. At the same time, readers can be certain of new articles and updates every time they visit an RSS supporting site.

Targeted newsletter as well with constant updates results in increased web site traffic and popularity a key to enhanced sales and profits from any online firm.

Gain Credibility

It does not take a genius to realize that public tend to favor businesses that elude spamming. And, consider there is now a tool that helps you do exactly that!

Not being responsible since choking mailboxes with junk-mail earns you instant goodwill, especially if you are in a corporation that floats a lot of spam blast mails. Being recognized so that always sending to the point and useful updates beyond separates you from those engaging in the spam wars.

Enhance Search Engine Rankings

Repeatedly updated associated content also keeps the search engine spiders busier as their chances of frequently visiting and indexing a robust site are much higher compared to reading a site with static content.

This is amply illustrated by the BTI Group a small VoIP provider. Attributed to their popular blogsite blog.btigroup dot com is the listing of their web site on the first page of all commonly used search engines. The search engines show BTI’s listing not for a few keywords but a mammoth 120 terms. Additionally, the organization has noticed a steady 75% rise in web site traffic.

Create RSS Feeds Faster

RSS feeds are XML-based files techie or not realize these are much easier to build than web pages. Equipped with simple mark up tags and few requirements, it is a breeze to build an RSS feed using XML.

RSS helps you reach your customers faster. As they say, time is money. The faster you communicate productively with visitors, the faster you realize what they want, and the faster you can meet their demands the faster you publish money!

Be Free From Design and Hardware/Software Appropriate Customization Issues Unlike design issues holding the key to success of a web page, creating RSS feeds is hassle free. The layout issues are none.

When creating HTML files, you need to consider things like downloading speed and the kind of hardware and software that will be used to view it. So that maximum achieve, web masters must compose pages that can be read on the multitude of operating platforms, Internet browsers, and other associated programs Internet surfers use.

RSS is universal.

Be Free From Web Maintenance Issues

The fastest structure of uploading an RSS feed is to submit it to one of the innumerable RSS directories enclosing those supported by popular search engines. In this essence, there are no server maintenance issues as applicable in maintaining your own web sites.

Alternatively, if you have your own site anyway, you can surely contain the RSS feed there apparently having to worry about space constraints since RSS files anyway take little space.

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