Rosacea Stops When You Listen to Natural Skin Care Tips

Rosacea is a long-term disease that affects the skin and sometimes the eyes. Its symptoms include redness, pimples, and, in later stages, thicker skin. In most cases, Rosacea targets the face. It is a common skin disease but is very dangerous if not treated well. This disease is common in people with fair skin and in women especially during menopause.

Though the common cause of Rosacea is not yet found, but doctors believe that it occurs when blood vessels expand, causing flushing. It is also believed that people who blush a lot are more likely to Rosacea. Though not well researched, scientists say that factors like heat, heavy exercise, alcohol intake, spicy foods, stress, sunlight, and long term usage of steroids are responsible for Rosacea.

Honestly, there is no cure for Rosacea. But there are some skin care tips that can actually control and treat Rosacea and make the skin look better. Natural remedies can be very productive in treating Rosacea.

Plenty of water with fruits and vegetables is what proves to be very effective in treating Rosacea. At the same time applying a cold compress to the affected area and use of diluted water to wipe off the face.

A Hydrochloric acid supplement increases the production of stomach acid. Hence it is believed that this might help, but it has not yet been shown whether the production of stomach acid has any effect on Rosacea. But B vitamins are beneficial.

Treating Rosacea with cream and lotions can give some relief too. Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting it form UVA and UVB rays. But make sure that it carries a sun protecting factor SPF of 15 or higher. A mild moisturizer also helps, instead of applying irritating products on the skin.

Many who suffer from this skin disorder do seek the advice of a dermatologist to control it.