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Roof Repair in Madison, WI | Causes of Roof Damage

white and blue bicycle beside green leafed plantsTop 4 Causes of Roof Damage

All kinds of roofing materials, including shingles, metal sheets, and terracotta tiles, are not immune to damage. When they get peeled off, punctured, or broken, the homeowner must call an expert and request roof repair in Madison, WI. To prevent larger problems like leaks and decaying frames, they should also be familiarized with the most common causes of roof damage, such as:

Lack of Maintenance

Like any other part of the house, the roof needs proper and regular maintenance to ensure that it will last long. Without this, tiny problems may go unnoticed until they become a large issue that is hard to fix. For example, one small hole may not cause concerns during summer. But, as soon as the rainy season comes, that tiny opening may lead to leaks and cause rotting in the wooden frames and ceilings.

Homeowners are advised to consult with roofing experts every now and then. Inspectors can help in determining whether the roof is still in good condition or repairs are highly necessary.

Old Age

Older roofs become more prone to getting damaged. Shingles, metal sheets, tiles, shakes, and other materials can only last for a few decades under optimal condition. When they reach a certain age, they will start to show problems, such as crumbling and decaying. When these happen, it becomes necessary for any homeowner to call professionals and get a roof replacement in Madison, WI.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Many homeowners are wary of extreme weather disturbances because they can destroy different parts of the house. Here are some ways natural phenomena can cause damage to the roof:

  • Hail

Characterized by balls of ice falling from the sky, hailstorms are extremely dangerous. Although the ice balls measure less than an inch in most cases, they can still hurt people, break windowpanes, and result in holes in roofs. So, after a hailstorm, it is best to ask for a home inspection immediately to check whether your roof has been damaged.

  • Heavy Rain

Although not as dangerous as hailstorms, rainfall can still inflict a great deal of damage on roofs. This exposes the roof to a lot of moisture. It can cause leaks, which can lead to the decay of the wooden frames and ceilings. Also, it can result in rusting of the roof’s metal parts.

  • Extreme Heat

Damage caused by extreme heat varies depending on the roofing material. For metal sheets, high levels of temperature can cause bumps and discoloration on the surface. These typically do not cause too many problems, aside from being visually unappealing. However, other materials, particularly, shakes, shingles, and tiles, are more prone to damage. Extreme heat can cause cracks on the surface, which can be a huge issue when the rainy season finally comes.

  • Snow

For many homeowners, winter can cause a lot of damage to the roof. The most common problem during this season is heavy snowfall. The roof can only handle so much weight, so it might collapse if too much snow accumulates on its surface. To prevent this from happening, hire a contractor who can fortify the frames of the roof and prevent them from caving in. It is also advisable to shovel the snow off of the roof to ensure that it will not get too heavy.

  • Strong Wind

Strong winds are quite common in some states, particularly in the tornado- and hurricane-prone areas. During these situations, gusts of wind can reach 70 to over 100 miles per hour. This speed might be enough the strip off shingles and tiles or even peel a part of the roof off of the house. It is also possible for strong winds to bring heavy debris, like tree branches. When that happens, a great deal of damage to the roof is to be expected.


Squirrels, birds, mice, and other tiny animals sometimes build their nests on the roof. Metal sheets and terracotta tiles may not get damaged, but the same is not true for shingles and shakes. These materials are soft and light, making them easy for critters to eat away.

Aside from small birds and mammals, homeowners should also be wary of tiny bugs, like ants, termites, and weevils. These wood-boring insects can cause severe damage because they often feast on the roof’s wooden frames.

These are the top 4 causes of roof damage. Homeowners who experience any of these problems are advised to request a Roof Repair Madison WI quickly. They should call a trusted company that offers this kind of professional service.