Romantic Ways to Propose – Sizzling Tips to Get Her to Say “Yes!”

Through the years, coming up with ever more romantic ways to propose has evolved into a veritable art form. And like all other art forms, it takes time, effort, and practice to master. Something so tender as proposing to the one you love, however, need not be so daunting a task. Here are but a few suggestions on romantic ways to propose that will hopefully put your doubts to rest and put your ring on her finger.

1. Pop the question on a candlelit dinner in a place that is memorable for the both of you.

It doesn’t have to be a posh restaurant or a fancy hotel. As long as the place holds much significance and meaning for you two, then all other places simply won’t compare. It could be along the shore of the beach where you first met. Or it could even be right in your backyard, under the shade of the tree upon which you carved your names together. Lay out a table for two under the stars and prepare the candlelit dinner yourself. This will raise the romance level up a notch and rest assured, all that extra effort will not go unnoticed by her.

2. Plan a public proposal.

If you are absolutely sure that she will say “yes,” a public proposal is one of the most romantic ways to propose that will surely be one for the books. Do not attempt this if you feel that your partner is still unsure. With a public proposal, she may feel that you are pressing the issue and she might feel “pressured” to say yes.

However, if all that she’s waiting for is for you to pop the question, a public proposal – in a theater, a concert, a baseball game or in the middle of a huge family affair with the people that you both love – will do the trick; and it will be a moment that she can treasure forever!

3. Be creative with your wedding proposal.

Thinking of unique and romantic ways to propose is important because the tale will surely be told from generation to generation. From something as grand as “painting” your proposal in the sky to something as simple as getting down on your knees while strolling in the park – the key is to come up with a unique way to ask the question during the most unexpected time and her heartfelt answer will take care of the rest.

From the traditional down-on-bended-knee routine to the more unorthodox romantic ways to propose, simply show her how much thought you’ve put into it and she’ll have a hard time saying “no.”