Romantic Galicia – Try the Casa Grande de Rosende

The standard of accommodation in the area is extremely high as you would expect from Galicia and Northern Spain. Hotels are categorized and awarded stars by the regional tourist authorities.

Those searching for luxury will just head straight for the exclusive hotels and “Paradors” whilst even the family run “casas rurales” are excellent places to stay and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Casa Grande de Rosende.

The Casa Grande can be found at 27460 Rosende – Sober – LUGO

As of the time of the writing of this article the contact telephone number for The Casa Grande is +34 982 460 627 and the fax number is +34 982 460 089.

At the time of the writing of this article, the manager to contact for information would be Manuel Vieitez and The Casa Grande has the following number of rooms: 12.

The Casa Grande de Rosende, located in the heart of the “Ribeira Sacra”, allows one to enjoy, in their own setting, the impressive countryside of the Canyons of the River Sil, numerous Romanesque monasteries and churches that make up the most important group of Western Europe, or visit the vine yards, wine cellars and craftsmanship, in one of the historically deepest rooted wine growing areas

Like all Pazos, there is a fair amount of history surrounding the building and in this case it is the following. The manor was built in 1511 by the Díaz Varela family. Carlos Recarey Díaz Varela upheld the Viceroyalty of Mexico, later returning to his homeland. It was he who undertook the extension of the original building towards the end of the 18th century. The decoration of the chapel and drawing rooms, with unique frescos painted by Juan Bernardo de Castinande, dates back to this period. The manor is known as “The Misses’ House” throughout the area due to the sisters who lived there during the middle of the last century and who were the last of the Díaz Varelas to live there.

With regards to the actual facilities that the Pazo has to offer they are as follows: 1 Special double room, 8 Double rooms, 3 Single rooms.

All usual mealtimes are observed at this Pazo and they are a breakfast buffet and evening meal with regional dishes.

As well as the individual room facilities, this Pazo has the following shared amenities and facilities: Meeting rooms, Dining halls.

Outside you can find the following amenities for guests: Swimming pool, tennis courts, football field (linked to the house), Gardens Vineyards, Marquee for banquets (250 approx.).

The immediate geographic location for this Pazo is as follows: The house is located within a walled enclosure which harbours vineyards and gardens, covering over 10 sq kilometres, which make it an idyllic spot to rest and enjoy nature. However, the sports facilities linked to the house, including swimming pool tennis courts and football fields, allow one to take exercise as does the golf course, which is about 10Kms away.

With regards to the scenic location for the Pazo, it is extremely well located. One can take trips around the area to get to know the “Ribeira Sacra”, or go on a trip by catamaran along the Canyons of the River Sil. The native woodlands, the vineyards or the riverbanks of the River Cabe offer ideal settings to go trekking.

If the above are not enough for either you or your family then you will find within close proximity the following facilities; Trekking, Boat trips along the Canyons of the River Sil, Canoeing, Coarse fishing, Golf, Horse riding.