Romantic Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruises Are Ideal Romantic Getaways

What could be more romantic than enjoying a moonlit walk on a Caribbean beach with warm white sands slipping through your toes as perfumed breezes tickle your nose? Making sure every moment of the trip is that special!

Cruises can be a great way for those who want a romantic getaway to enjoy every minute of the vacation or darn near every minute. Designed for people of all ages, with some cruise lines even have special couple’s cruises, there are few settings more romantic than a cruise to the Caribbean.

On the ship, couples looking for something special will find the bases are more than covered. Guests who want to create romantic memories will have literally dozens of opportunities for doing so.

Imagine taking a stroll on the deck and watching the moonlight play on the water before heading inside for a formal, multi-course sit down dinner complete with soft music and dancing. Now, picture the man in your life dressed to the nines in a tuxedo or the woman of your dreams in a stunning formal gown. Cruises help make this happen – even down to formal attire rentals!

Once dinner is over, couples can take in live shows, dance or just enjoy the scenery on deck. If privacy is more desirable, guests can even retire to their staterooms and simply call in room service for some quality alone time.

When the ship docks, however, this is where the Caribbean really kicks in to lend to the romantic atmosphere. On any given island, guests can expect to find some picture perfect romantic spots. From the beaches to the rainforest waterfalls and beyond, the Caribbean is ideal for a romantic getaway. Those wanting to take it all in and play the scenery to their advantage can opt for such off board fun as strolls on the beach, horseback riding through the white sands, hikes to exotic locales and much, much more.

Cruises are designed to offer a little something for everyone. Couples who want to get away from it all and enjoy some quality romantic time will find the Caribbean is the ideal backdrop for doing so. Plus, cruise lines even offer couples-only cruises so the kids are left at home while mom and dad enjoy that second honeymoon!

The advantages to taking a cruise for a romantic excursion over another type of trip are many, but the standout reasons really standout. Cruises give people a chance to get away from the little details of vacationing as the highly trained crews make sure everything is covered from flowers in the stateroom to tuxedos for dinner and beyond. The Caribbean itself is a picture-perfect destination that is ideal for honeymoons, second honeymoons or just because getaways steeped in romance.