Roller Banner Stands: A Great And Versatile Display Solution

Roller banner stands allow you to easily carry around your banner in a rolled up form. At the location, you draw out the stand from a base, unroll the banner and mount it on the pulled out stand. The core components are a tripod or other base, telescopic stand that can be drawn out from the base and extended to the required size and mounting hardware that allows you to set up the banner on the stand.

Easy to Carry

Packed in a nylon bag, the roller banner kits can be carried around to any location you want, such as exhibition grounds, sports stadiums, festival venues and other places where crowds gather. At the location, they are put up as outlined earlier and you have a highly visible banner ad that conveys your promotional message to the gathered crowd.

Different Designs

The banner stands can come in different sizes and with different features. Some come with built-in lighting systems so that the messages will be visible in dark areas and at night. The lighting can also add to the eye-catching capability of the display through the use of novel lighting displays.

Other stands can be connected to electric outlets and operated even more easily through motorized devices, or the display can be controlled digitally, enabling dynamic displays instead of a static copy.

Yet other designs make the whole display, including the stand, superbly impressive. The poster holders might integrate into the display by providing the display with a gold painted border with no gap between the banner and holders, for example. In addition to the aesthetics, the holders can also provide protection being made of steel or sturdy aluminum.

Some banners might come with the display being protected by glass boards, protecting it from rain and sleet, as well as dust and other degrading stuff.

Roller banner stands suited to different budgets are thus available. Typically, the more expensive models make operation easier and the displays more versatile and impressive. The more expensive models can make the messages clearly visible to quite a distance even in dark conditions.

Where to get Your Roller Display Stand

There are many suppliers for the increasingly popular roller display stands. However, not all of them offer a complete package, including a range of equipment as well as incidental services such as designing the display, artwork studio and printing services. When you buy all the components from one source, you are more likely to get a solution where all parts fit neatly together.

Suppliers also differ in the time they need to provide the solution as well as in the promptness and quality of their after-sales service.

Look at your requirements and choose a company that will meet these requirements, and do so in the short time before your deadline without sacrificing quality. Typically, you send your basic requirements, including the preliminary copy to the supplier who will then work on these and come up with an impressive solution.

Roller banner stands deliver a modern solution to your promotional needs. They are convenient, effective and above all, almost instant. They are also reusable, saving you both time and money.