Role of Mobile Websites in Car Dealership Businesses

Majority of customers are turning to the automobile websites rather than phone calls or showroom visits to get information when they are planning to buy a vehicle. According to the J.D. Power and Associates, 75 percent of new-vehicle buyers in 2008 used Internet during their shopping process, compared with 70 percent in 2007. Besides, the number of people browsing Internet from mobile devices is rising rapidly.

To grab this opportunity marketers are using mobile websites to reach the customers. Mobile websites are different, as they are designed to fit the small screens of mobile devices such as cell phones that can access Internet. It makes a good business sense to launch mobile websites for car dealerships, which provide many advantages when compared to traditional mobile marketing.

Instant connectivity to customers
Mobile websites provide instant connectivity to customers, as anyone can access from hand held mobile devices. This feature will allow dealer’s instant connectivity to customers as they can be utilized anywhere and any time to view inventory, locate dealership, or to contact dealer’s sales or service team. A dealer can update the inventory, pricing and photographs of a car desired by the customer in real time, so that the customer can view that immediately on the move.

Customer feedback and surveys
According to the study, nearly 70 percent of automotive Internet users use consumer-generated content while shopping for a new vehicle. Dealerships can get customers’ feedback on their products and services using mobile websites in a simple and hassle free way. They can know the customer’s requirements as the mobile websites help in conducting simple on-line surveys that reach customers’ mobile phones. They reduce cost, improve the speed of the survey and provide added customer convenience. Dealers can get immediate alerts on customer dissatisfaction.

Service reminders
Mobile websites help in notifying the service updates directly to the customer’s mobile phones. Dealers can reduce costs by replacing the call centers with mobile websites. They can alert the customers in real time when their vehicles are ready to for delivery.

Marketing on personal media
Auto dealers can market their vehicles or products directly and effectively to their target customers through the mobile phone. They can send information such as special offers, best deals, new arrivals etc along with graphics directly to the customer’s mobile phone. Marketing through mobile websites ensures maximum reach and penetration of the dealer’s car promotions and sales proposals increasing the overall conversion rates.

Today, many potential buyers and existing customers like to be well informed about the product before visiting the auto showroom. Providing this information through a multimedia mobile website on their personal mobile devices is far more effective rather than a mere text message or a phone call from the call center. The car dealers with a mobile website definitely have an edge to stay ahead in the present competitive market when compared to dealers without it.