Role of Genetic Makeup in Health

Genes play an important role in shaping what we are today and for all our so-called genetic traits. The genetic information of parents is passed down to their children, grand children, or even great grand children. Similarly we have also inherited a number of genetic traits from our ancestors. All our physical characteristics, personality traits, and talents can be the result of the genetic make up of our ancestors.
We have 23 pairs of chromosomes in almost every cell in our body. Each pair consists of a chromosome from our mother and a chromosome from our father. The chromosomes carry genes, which are the segments of DNA that determine factor a whole range of characteristics. The color of our hair, our height, and even our predisposition to health concerns are some of the genetic traits that we have inherited from out parents.
Genetic information is contained in the genes of a person and as the cells of the body duplicate, the genetic information is passed to the new cells. In our genetic make up, certain genes are dominant and influence the genetic trait of a person even if only one copy of that dominant gene is present in that pair of chromosomes. On the other hand, certain genes are recessive and do not affect the genetic trait of a person even if they are present on both chromosome pairs.
Our genetic make up is also responsible for a number of health problems that we face. Some examples of genetic, or inherited, health problems include obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Many health concerns come about due to a combination of our inherited genetic make up and environmental triggers, such as unbalanced diet, chemical exposure, and unhealthy lifestyle.
In most cases genetic diseases can be avoided by up to 70% if the exposure to known environmental triggers of the condition is avoided. For example, spina bifida (a neural tube defect) in newborns can be avoided if their mothers take folic acid during early pregnancy and continue taking it until their doctor advises them to stop.
Genetic diseases can also be avoided by keeping yourself fit and following a healthy lifestyle. People who are obese should try to reduce their weight as obesity is the main trigger of many health problems including cancer. A balanced diet or intake of vitamin supplements, including natural herbs, can also be taken to ensure good health.