brown and white rodent on gray rock

Rodent Control | Ways to Keep Rodents Away

Different Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

Rodents are dangerous for your home. Most of them rely on human dwellings to survive because they have what rodents need: food, water, and shelter. They can nest and chew through important objects in your home like documents, plastic pipes, and electrical wires, which can cause an electrical fire and other accidents. These rodents also bring disease, so it would be best to get rid of them quickly.brown and white rodent on gray rock

There are many solutions to rat problems. You can do pre-emptive measures, so they can’t enter your house, set traps to catch them, or call professional rodent control. Here are the ways you can keep rodents away from your home:

Remove Food Sources

Don’t give rodents something to eat. From leftover food to fresh fruits, rats will eat what is available in your home. Make sure that you don’t attract them by cleaning up your leftovers. Always keep your floors and countertops spotless because leaving them messy will attract rodents. The crumbs left uncleaned will be among their food sources.

If the dry foods you bought from the store are still in paper cartons, transfer them to tightly sealed plastic or metal containers. Doing so lessens the chance of rats entering your home. If rodents smell these dry foods, they will chew through the packaging.

Cover your garbage cans, so they can’t rummage for food. Make sure that your garbage cans and bins are tightly sealed. If you can, move these bins as far from your house as possible. If your garbage does attract rodents, moving it away lessens the chance that they will enter your home.

If you leave your pet food outside, make sure it’s in a container that cannot be chewed easily. When you buy pet food, transfer it immediately to a sealed, airtight container. Like other food in your home, your pet’s food will attract rodents if it’s left in the original package.

Block Their Entry

Inspect your home for any possible entry points for rats. Rodents can enter even the smallest spaces, so make sure that you block foundation cracks and that your windows and door sills don’t have openings for rats to enter. You can also add weather stripping to your doors and windows to prevent rodents from squeezing through.

Keep the habit of closing your doors after entering your house. Leaving doors open can be an invitation for rats and mice to enter. Rodents are nocturnal, so close doors and other entry points at night. You can add screens to your patio doors and basement windows if you want to keep them open, so rats still can’t get through.

Eliminate Possible Rat Homes

Remove the things that rats might use to make their home. They use clutter like cardboard boxes, old pipes, and other objects for their nest. Make sure that your spaces aren’t cluttered. Rodents look for these things for warmth. They can also nest in old cars and appliances, so make sure to inspect them too.

Set Traps

If you prefer a humane method of getting rid of rodents in your home, use a live trap. An example of this tool is a chamber that traps rats inside once the door or latches shut. A live trap captures mice and rats alive and allows you to release them far away from your house. You also have the option of using traditional glue and spring traps. When setting traps, however, remember to keep them away from children.

Use Natural Repellents

Spray essential oils around your house. You can use peppermint, lemon, citronella, and eucalyptus oil. They will help not only in repelling rodents but also in making your home smell good. Other natural repellents are plants. Plant some peppermint, daffodils, and lavender around the exterior of your home. These plants will help repel not only rodents but also insects.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes even with all the precautions you’ve taken, rodents are still present. This might be a sign for you to call professional rodent control. Giving the pros a call will help you get rid of rats in your house and potential hazards for you and your family. Expert exterminators know precisely why there are still rodents in your home and have the best solution for this problem.