Risks of Dog Vaccination

If you are one of those who insist that because a particular practice was done in the past and it worked, then it is supposed to be done always… even after many long years, then you could be dead wrong.

You see, there is nothing more constant than change… even in the medical arena.

A practice that worked and was widely used many years ago might no longer be necessary today– because of certain factors that could have been discovered.

In the past the most recommended way of keeping your dogs and other pets safe from certain diseases was by vaccinating them yearly against these diseases. But this is increasingly being scoffed at by holistic veterinarians as causing more harm than good.
Sounds awkward?

Don’t worry… just hang on and it will make sense as I explain.

You see, when your dog is born, it gets its first immunity from its mother– this is nature’s way of protecting your dog from diseases. Your dog’s immune system is made up with the natural tendency of protecting it from diseases.

But you know what happens?

Instead of allowing your dog’s immune system to deal with the diseases it finds, vaccination is used to ‘artificially’ stimulate the immune system.

Vaccination is done by injecting a part of the actual disease into your dog’s body– with the intention of creating immunity in the future against that disease.

The idea is that it is better to first introduce the disease in tiny bit to the immune system so that it can figure out a way of dealing with the disease- sort of build up an immunity against it- instead of allowing it to come into direct and full contact with the disease.

This sounds like a very great idea… in theory.

But do you know what else?

By vaccinating your dog yearly you are ‘artificially’ stimulating its immune system– instead of naturally allowing the immune system to do its work.

And by doing this on a yearly and constant basis you end up over-stimulating your dog’s immune system.

Does it end there?

Certainly not.

This over-stimulating of your dog’s immune system then leads to other negative conditions such as allergies of all sorts, skin problems, and other kinds of problems.

At this point your yearly vaccination definitely can be seen to cause more harm than good.

Also, yearly vaccination of your dog makes its immune system to be in a constant state of ‘pressure’. And this can lead it to become ‘worn out’.

So, instead of helping your dog against diseases you might end up causing it more harm than good with yearly vaccination.

What to do instead of yearly vaccination?

Help your dog’s immune system to be very strong all the time so that it can naturally help it wad off unwanted diseases on its own.

There are certain natural foods that you can give to your dog to help in boosting its immune system.

And for your pregnant dog, these foods are very necessary so that it passes on the boosted immunity to its puppies. If the puppies are born with strong immunity, then there is no need for vaccination.

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