Rising Through The Ranks In Graduate Retail Jobs

The retail field in the UK and around the world is highly competitive for new graduates entering the job market. Retail outlets are competing constantly with other companies who are trying to outmatch each other in sales and customer loyalty. These retail companies also have to develop a positive public image in order to keep customers returning for their product. Graduate retail workers, ranging from floor design experts to store managers, often act as the public face of a retail store. After all, customers come in contact with the services and products provided by graduates working on the ground floor of a retail store. It is important for graduate retail workers to consider their importance as they rise through the ranks of their company.

Graduate retail workers often start out as part time or temporary employees trying to earn a wage while attending school. However, these workers believe in either the product or the company so much that they want to make a living selling their product. Students and young graduates work full time on the floor or in the back room, working with individual customers to find the right products for their needs. Graduate retail workers rise through the ranks quickly, as the retail industry is notorious for its high turnover on a quarterly basis.

However, once a graduate retail worker goes from part time to full time work, there is often a steep hill to climb to move from graduate worker to management. These workers have already shown a lot of commitment and hard work in reaching their current positions. However, retail companies have high standards for management positions and often groom exceptional graduates to take over new stores and replace older managers. The issue for graduate workers is how to get noticed by store management and land a position as a management trainee.

Retail employees can do a number of things to move up in the retail world. Taking on extra responsibilities, whether it is a few extra hours from a fellow employee or taking initiative to shift products to a higher traffic area, can be a good first step. Graduate retail workers should also speak with their manager candidly about their desire to become management professionals. Managers take pride in grooming graduate workers for management positions and will usually help graduates set goals to rise quickly in the retail industry. In the end, a retail worker looking to move up in their company needs to show an active interest in all aspects of the industry in order to prove their worthiness for management positions.