Rising Through The Ranks As A Company Secretary

The importance of company secretaries in the automotive industry cannot be understated. Secretaries for executives, managers, and supervisors are invaluable to maintaining the organisation and communication of the entire firm. In fact, the network of company secretaries throughout a firm can help make or break a company within the automotive industry. Highly sensitive materials, important appointments, and crucial organisational tasks are met ably by company secretaries. From the front office and the service counter, company secretaries are key parts of any leading automotive firm.

However, many young professionals entering the automotive industry fail to see the potential of rising through the ranks as a company secretary. This oversight can be damaging to those who want to rise quickly up the corporate ladder to management or supervisory positions. Indeed, administrative assistant and secretary positions are great ways to rise through the ranks of an automotive firm for the right candidate.

One reason why company secretary positions are great launching pads to advanced positions is the connections these professionals establish. Company secretaries speak with executives and other professionals throughout the industry, in addition to professionals in other industries working with automotive firms. As such, secretaries with the right skills and ambition already have the requisite knowledge to rise to other positions in the firm. The references they build by these regular interactions are integral to future success.

As well, company secretaries have to exhibit the skills necessary for management or supervisory positions. Clear communications, as mentioned, are a part of any secretary’s repertoire. As well, the ability to organise multiple tasks at one time and delegate to temporary workers or assistants prove invaluable in future positions. Finally, company secretaries are intimately familiar with the various departments within the firm.

However, the most important aspect of a company secretary’s job is the dissemination of information to their supervisors. Secretaries learn a lot about the inner workings and politics of a firm’s executive board just in the commission of their daily tasks. As well, company secretaries are often asked to summarise reports, write letters, and updated website information on behalf of an executive. By simply doing their jobs, company secretaries build a comprehensive knowledge of the automotive industry and the firm that they work for. Company secretaries in automotive firms build a strong reputation within their department and the general firm simply by fulfilling job expectations. Graduates and young professionals need to know that company secretary jobs are a great spring board to advanced positions.