Rip-Roaring Basketball With Toronto Raptors Tickets

Toronto Raptors tickets are not tickets to any basketball game- if there was ever a team that had all the odds stacked against them and more struggles than victories, it has to be the Raptors. And yet, despite these odds, the Raptors have gone on to quietly establish themselves as a formidable team to deal with on the court.

The Toronto Raptors are based in Ontario, Canada and play their home games from the Air Canada Center. The team is part of the National Basketball Association and is also affiliated to the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference. They have only garnered one division title so far in their career.

Thomas Tips

The Raptors were born in 1993, playing their first game in 1995. The team name, colors and logo was decided via a contest that was held right across the nation. The name Raptors was ultimately chosen in light of the Jurassic Park fever that had gripped the country. One of the main reasons why Toronto Raptors tickets sold so well was, because none other than basketball legend Isaiah Thomas was the general manager of the team.

Thomas quickly got into gear, putting his own personnel onto the team and choosing players that were former teammates and veterans. While some inclusions were met with boos, the team proved to be a strong start, doing in such giants as the Chicago Bulls. While they were improving steadily, Thomas quit and the Raptors seemed to flounder with a team that was suddenly filled with young players.

Playoff Picks

The Raptors began working hard on their game, making sure to include a number of seasoned veterans in future draft picks. The effect was positive and fans showed their appreciation in rising sales of Toronto Raptors tickets. The team played well enough to be a regular member of the playoffs. The new millennium was unkind to the team, however, as injuries and a general dip in morale pulled the Raptors down. A number of players had to be dealt with for indiscipline or for being detrimental to the well-being of the team. However, the Raptors team today, is one that has been praised for its improved performance. Toronto Raptors tickets are still in demand, because many fans see a big win for the team soon, especially after they pulled off a division win in 2007.

If you want to get Toronto Raptors tickets, you better get them soon- Raptor tickets are one of the biggest sellers in the league. Over the years, the value of the franchise has risen steadily and the team’s fan base has also grown, though the team does much to encourage attendance, like organizing giveaways with tickets. The Raptors also do a lot of work in the community for a number of charities- these include youth programs as well as educational programs. They currently lead the NBA in the amount of money they have given to the community. It is obvious that the Raptors are winners both on the court and off. Most of the basketball world is getting ready to watch this team make a bid for the big win and you can be there to watch it all happen. Get in touch with an authorized online ticket vendor to get your Toronto Raptors tickets.