Ringworm hair loss | signs, symptoms and causes

Ringworm hair loss occurs due to Tinea capatis, or ringworm of the scalp and is a problem that some may experience. You need to define a variety of characteristics prior to finding the proper treatment that are related to ringworm of the scalp. To help prevent hair loss from this problem its better to understand how you can get this type of ringworm and how to find the right help.

Signs of ringworm hair loss

When you have ringworm hair loss, you can observe on the head that some patches to form. Generally, ringworm will result to lose an average of one hundred hairs per day due to the slower development of hair loss. Beginning of an infection in the scalp area is the reason for this. If not treated proper way, causes fungus to develop in that area, which leads to ringworm. The initial symptom of the ringworm one may notice is itching that occurs on the head. Later on the scalp may become irritated and red. Balding follows later.

Causes of the disease

Occurring of ringworm hair loss in someone has a variety of reasons. In children ringworm hair loss is present usually. Most often, it is a consequence of bad hygiene. During the sweating which produces wetness from the skin, which is not washed off, is also one of the cause for this. Ringworm may also occur if there is a wound or scratch from the skin. It can easily leads to an infection if not proper care is taken. One important thing to understand is ringworm is not an actual worm, rather a fungus.

Consult your health care provider

If your scalp is irritated or you are noticing ringworm hair loss, it is important to get diagnosed right away. To check whether there is bacteria or fungus that is being formed in your scalp, your health care provider will be able to give you a skin lesion biopsy. If the infection has been occurring for a longer amount of time, it can be found easily through placing a light on the area where it is irritated and balding.

Anti-fungal medication

Getting an Anti-fungal medication is the first step you need to do if you have ringworm. The bacteria in that particular place will be killed off with this medication. In order to keep the area where the fungus was being produced entirely clean you will need to use a medicated shampoo. The common ingredient that is found in the shampoo is Selenium sulfide. Ringworm of the scalp is also infectious; meaning others around you should be checked for the problem.


If you are experiencing the symptoms like irritation in the scalp, or hair loss in a large amount then you should get examined for ringworm hair loss. This particular problem comes from an infection that develops in your scalp area and can become severe if not treated immediately. By understanding the symptoms of ringworm, as well as what it can affect, you can easily solve the problem and prevent hair loss, irritation or more serious matters from occurring because of ringworm.