Ring in the New Year: Ring in the Renewed You With Your Big Dream


The turning of the New Year is a time filled with wonderful expectancy and excitement about what’s possible. There is an energy of vitality and aliveness, of new beginnings and directions. Our highest dreams and desires rise up in this shifting of the years.

We notice our desire to become more of who we’ve always wanted to be – our most authentic, best selves. We want to live our lives in ways we’ve only let ourselves glimpse at times. And we want to let go of what no longer “fits” with who we are or are becoming.

The Gremlin of “Shoulds” may also be present and struggling to survive at this time of the year. It lets you know in no uncertain terms what you did wrong this past year and what you “should” be and do in the coming year. When the Gremlin of “Shoulds” has the reins, the excitement and vitality of dreams and desires quickly turns to a sense of drudgery and burden.

The New Year is an auspicious time to let go of “shoulds” in any shape or form and begin anew with the dreams and desires that make you come alive, the dreams and desires at the heart of your greatness.


Our dreams are made of the deep desires that rise up right out of our hearts. They are visions of what we yearn to be, do or have that express the deepest truth of who we are.

Dreams embody an urge for the expression of unrealized aspects of our authentic selves. They pull us forward to our purpose, our mission and to our highest potential. Our dreams can spark, energize and empower our own greatness.

STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS: Use Your Big Dream as a Focus for the Year

Everyone has dreams! And each of us has a Big Dream. This dream is a blueprint of what’s possible for us, a blueprint for the full expression of our innate gifts and talents, a blueprint for our heart’s desires.

This New Year is a perfect time to go for the gold – the gold which lies at the center of your Big Dream. Your dreams are precious, another year is too long to wait! So . . .

1. What is your Big Dream?

• Allow yourself to reconnect with your biggest and highest dream. This is one in which you’ve had a “glimpse of your own greatness” – where you’ve seen yourself being and/or doing what you must in order to feel fully alive.

• Big Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. If it takes your breath, you’re right on track. Just keep breathing and imagining yourself living this dream.

• What is your Big Dream?

2. What are three heartfelt desires that are in alignment with your Big Dream?

• Think for a moment about where you are now in relation to your BIG Dream. Ask your highest self to give you three heartfelt desires for this year that are in alignment with your Big Dream.

• For example, let’s say your Big Dream is to create a sculpture that inspires thousands of people. A heart’s desire for this year may be to create a series of three smaller sculptures of the same theme and introduce it to the public.

3. Align your thoughts, goals and actions with your Big Dream and your heart’s desires.

• Remember that every thought you think and action you take will either move you closer to your Big Dream or take you away from it. Everything that is truly in your best interest will also serve your Big Dream.

• Choose your thoughts, goals and actions with your Big Dream and your heart’s desires in mind. You will know by how you feel whether each is in alignment or not. If you feel more alive, it’s in alignment. And if you feel less alive, it’s not.

As you reconnect with your Big Dream and focus your desires for the year in the above way, you also have a clear picture of what matters most to you at this time in your life. Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment.

As you align your thoughts, goals and actions with your Big Dream and your Heart’s Desires you shift into a way of thinking and living in which success is inevitable and joy and aliveness become a way of life.

Step into Your Greatness™ with your Big Dream and your heart’s desires.