Rid Of Bad Breath

The Primary Cause of Bad Breathe and How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The primary and the ultimate cause of bad breath is the production of sulfur-producing bacteria inside the mouth. These bacteria, which also happens to be of the anaerobic type or those that do not require oxygen for survival are not altogether harmful. In fact, they are advocates of discharging dead tissues from the mouth and in aid of breaking down the chemical substances that enter it.

There are various causes that trigger the overproduction of sulfur in the mouth. One of these is the type of food we eat.

There are plenty of times in the past that the very food we consumed left the smell in our mouth. Such are the effects of garlic, onion and cabbage. This also explains why people who eat large amount of spices are more likely to produce body smell and bad breath.

Again, the culprit is the production of sulfur in the mouth. When we eat, we absorb the sulfur compounds contained in the food. Then, these compounds will be driven into the main bloodstream that runs back towards the lungs. Here, the lungs would, in the process, exhale the sulfur compounds. Thus, the smell emanates form the mouth. Additionally, the tongue itself would trap in some of the odor in the same way if we rub onion or garlic on the sole of our feet or the palm of our hands.

With this principle in mind, we could get rid of bad breath through avoiding the consumption of these foods. If you can’t resist the urge though, you might consider the option of using alternative in the market that lessen the sulfur production after eating specific foods.

Meanwhile, people who practice mouth breathing could get rid of bad breath if they refrain from doing so. Mouth breathing or xerostomia promotes the optimized environment for anaerobic bacteria due to the factor that it encourages the drying of the mouth. With relative dryness, these anaerobic bacteria would be able to reproduce more due to the absence of oxygen.

This is further illustrated with morning breath. Apart from the stagnation of the saliva for a longer time, people who are accustomed to mouth breathing during sleep are more likely to have fouler morning breath as they would encourage the production of bacteria. Note that anaerobic implies that these bacteria only live in non-oxygenated environments.

Therefore, if you could refrain from breathing through your mouth, you are less likely to develop bad breath and thus curing the condition altogether.

Another main source of problem is the tongue. We often forget to clean our tongue due to a number of excuses. However, thus must be an integral part of any oral hygiene practice this would largely determine the presence of absence of bad breath.

Again, oral bacteria are the culprit in here. Those that survive in the surface of the tongue along with the food debris that are left exposed on eth surface would contribute to the formulation of bad breathe. Thus, removing the whitish or yellowish film on one’s mouth would prove to be effective in curing bad breath.

Another issue with oral bacteria is the putrefaction of the teeth. Due to the decay, the tooth would also serve as a good breeding environment for the bacteria. Once signs of decay are seen, you must immediately seek professional help so as to prevent further problems.

You need not buy sophisticated devices as to achieve the sweet-smelling breath that most of us could only dream of. You just have to be are of the certain factors that lead to the development of bad breath such as that with the oral bacteria.

Source: https://positivearticles.com