Richard Rose Profile

Richard Rose has been many things in his life: tennis player, magician, bible seller, Army man, and financial advisor. But during all those facets, Rose has always performed his true passion: writing.

To do this, Rose has always kept a yellow pad and a pen on his briefcase. No matter the place, Rose has let his ideas flow into dozens and dozens of yellow pads that, eventually, get their way to a computer and to the glorious pages of a book or script. Whether in broad daylight in his parked Ford Edge at a scenic spot in Waube Lake or in a dark environment listening to jazz at The Green Mile in Chicago — which requires a flashlight pen, which of course he also keeps —, Rose has managed to find the time to not miss any idea.

His time at Wabash College was essential for his craft. With mentors like Dr. Walter J. Fertig, who encouraged him to continue to write, Rose remained prolific, contributing cartoons and satirical articles for humorous magazines and short stories for literary publication.

That’s how he managed to officially become a professional writer. His first publication, a short story in Mike Shane’s Mystery Magazine, convinced him, many years ago, that he had a special connection with his readers.

Thus, came published novels such as The Satyr Candidate, The Gumshoe and The Lazarus Conspiracies, the latter winner of an award in fiction at 2015 The Pacific Rim Book Festival in Hollywood.

Although his favorite genre revolves around mysteries, crimes, detectives, and a very adult context, Richard Rose comes this time with a more family-friendly and lighthearted project called Comic Crusaders.

Comic Crusaders is a novel written in script form. It was the last project he wrote in his young years alongside his beloved brother and partner-in-crime Charlie, who died in 2011 after a prolific career as a college teacher and writer.

Comic Crusaders is an entertaining story that comes from a precious and personal moment in the life of its author. And yes, its script structure not only exponentially enhances the story but makes quite clear the enormous possibility that we will see Comic Crusaders adapted on the small or large screen soon. Read more about Comic Crusaders: HERE.

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