Rich Man Attacked by Satan

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Happened All in One Day

There was once a rich man in need of nothing. He had many children, servants, and animals. But one day, this wealthy man was horror stricken! He was informed by servants that his oxen, donkeys, and camels had been raided by the Sabeans and his servants killed by the sword. On the same day, he was informed that the fire of God had burned up his sheep. Worst of all, the news came that a great wind came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of his eldest son’s house while his sons and daughters were dining. The house collapsed and all his children were killed. He fell to the ground and said; “I came from my mother’s womb naked and naked shall I return. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord”.

Struck with Boils

After some time the man was struck with boils from the sole of his feet to the crown of his head and they were filled with worms. In order to get relief, he sat in ashes and used a potsherd to scrape himself. His body was in such a state that his wife advised him to curse God and die. This rich man’s name was Job. Job said to his wife; “You speak foolishly; shall we indeed accept good and not adversity?”

All Against Him Job’s friends decided that his life was not right with God and that was the reason for his affliction. Therefore, he had no one to comfort him from his grief and cursed the day of his birth.

Worms and Dust

Job explains that his flesh was caked with worms and dust and his skin cracked and broke out afresh, and that he would rather die than live. Though afflicted, he refused to turn his back on God and instead he said; “Though God slays him, yet, he would trust Him!”

In Anguish he Cried

Job thought that he would die from his boils; as a result, he made himself explicit that after he died, he would rise again and live on the earth, without worms and sores afflicting his body. But what Job did not know was that God was on his side and was not the one who inflicted his body.

Satan the Afflicter

One day Satan went to God informing him that Job loved him only because he had given Job everything and that if he (God) were to take away all his blessings from Job, Job would curse him! Now God was not pleased with Satan’s comments and in order to let Satan know that he had faithful men and women on the earth who served him, gave Satan permission to remove Job’s blessings but commanded him not to kill him.

Job’s Trial Ended

After his trials, God spoke to Job reminding him that his trials had nothing to do with any wrong act that he may have committed. God told him that he had allowed these trials to befall him because he was being accused falsely by his greatest enemy (Satan) on earth and that he was having none of it. God also reminded Job that because of his steadfastness Satan was once again defeated. Alive, Blessed and Accepted

God healed Job from his plague of boils and worms and united him once again with his brothers, sisters and acquaintances, who consoled and comforted him. However, God blessed Job and gave him more wealth than before. After this, Job lived for one hundred and forty years.

God Rewards the Faithful

Sometimes when trials come we complain not knowing the reason(s) for our pain or affliction. Job’s life is a beacon for us today. His life showed steadfastness, faithfulness, and loyalty. He stood up for what he believed to be right, although it meant separation from those whom he loved. He did not allow worldly goods and pleasures to cloud his mind, therefore, gained the victory over his enemy. Likewise, are we to gain the victory over our enemy (Satan) by the grace of God?