Reviews Of The Best Baby Cribs

Buying a baby crib that best suits your needs can be problematic, not because of a shortage of good quality pieces, but rather because there is simply too much choice. To help you along, here are reviews of some of the best baby cribs on the market today.

The baby crib reviews that follow are on some of the most popular brands today. These brands offer a wide range of styles, materials and price. Before you start looking to buy you must first decide on what style best suits the decor of your nursery, what kind of features it must have and, most importantly of all, what price are you prepared to pay.

Munire Cribs

These are the most expensive to be reviewed here. You will pay over $1,000 for a Munire crib. However, you’ll be getting one of the best baby cribs for this price range; in fact, you’ll be paying around 20% or less for a Munire crib than for one of similar quality. Don’t take my word for it, this is a quote from the Baby Bargains book: ‘… similar quality furniture runs about 20% to 30% more than Munires prices…’

Munire only makes convertible cribs that can be converted all the way through to a full size bed. It also makes matching nursery furniture sets so that you can get a complete style for your nursery. All pieces are made from solid wood, with many having quality veneers. Munire draws inspiration from times past and give special emphasis to finishes and detailing. If you want a crib of modern, simple design then the Munire isn’t for you.

Some of its more popular collections are the Newport, Essex, Antigua and Savannah Munire crib.

Bassett Cribs

Bassett is based in Virginia and has been making nursery furniture for over 100 years. Like Munire, Bassett draws on inspiration from the past, but Bassett draw more on American styles. The names of the collections give you an idea of what to expect.

The Bassett Cottage Pine crib is made from solid pine and comes with wainscoting on the headboard and simple slats. The New Haven draws heavily on the ‘New England look’ with wainscot paneling on the headboard and gentle curving side panels and plain, slim legs. It’s made from solid beech with stained beech veneers. The Bassett American Home crib looks like a piece of Shaker furniture, with the simple, understated functional design that epitomizes this style.

Bassett cribs are definitely for those who love prosaic American styles of yester year. Many Bassett models are convertible to full size beds.

Jenny Lind Crib

This is a style of crib rather than a manufacturer. Again, this crib draws its design inspiration from the past. What exemplifies type of crib is the spindles – heavily turned slats and legs. This is a simple design that can be sometimes be converted to a toddler bed but not a full size bed. Companies like DaVinci, Evenflo and Delta Luv make excellent versions of the Jenny Lind crib.

Bellini Crib

This is an Italian company that now retails widely across the US. These are for those who want a modern look. All Bellini cribs are made from solid beech wood and are very well made. The Bellini Isabella crib is probably its most popular design. There are simple slats on all four sides, with the headboard and footboard having a very gentle curve on the top rail. The curved rails are complemented by the rounded legs. This piece looks very nice in the natural – blond wood – finish.

There are many good quality baby beds on the market today. The secret in choosing the best baby crib for you is to first think about what features you want; should it be a convertible baby crib, do you want single or double drop sides, and do you need castors to move it about easily?

Once, you have decided on features, you can get to the fun part of choosing the design – or look – you want. Should it have an old fashioned or contemporary look? What finishes will work best for your baby’s nursery?

Finally, and most importantly, decide on your budget and stick to it.

Using the three points above will help guide you in choosing the best baby crib for your child’s nursery.