Reverse Osmosis Servicing Purchase & Installation

Reverse osmosis servicing is widely available from local hardware stores, home improvement centers, and plumbing supply stores. Reverse osmosis servicing can also be attained through a private or public water service company. Also, a wide selection of systems is available from internet sites.

The cost varies from $50 to $5,000 – depending on the quality and capacity of the system as well as the varying placement charges that can be incurred if hiring a professional to install the unit. Most people’s reverse osmosis servicing needs can be served by a system that costs $160 to $490. A good quality, properly installed and well maintained reverse osmosis servicing system can improve the quality of your water.

Most reverse osmosis servicing systems are placed under the kitchen sink while supplying delicious potable water to a second faucet that is included with the purchase of the system. Most of the faucets are made of high grade stainless steel that resists corrosion.

When you purchase your reverse osmosis servicing system, be sure to check your contents for all necessary parts and directions, it can be very frustrating and time consuming if you are missing parts and you don’t notice until you have completed a portion of the installation.

The items you will need to install your new reverse osmosis servicing system will be a screw driver, drill, saw, adjustable wrenches and a flashlight. It is recommended that you have on hand a supply of sponges, towels or paper towels for the inevitable water spillage that will occur. In addition, it would be beneficial to have an appropriate sized brass tee to plumb the reverse osmosis servicing system into the line for cold water.

Before you begin the install of your new reverse osmosis servicing system you will want to remove everything that is stored beneath the sink to give room for the installation
and to prevent water damage to your items. Unplug any electrical appliances
that are in close proximity to the area you will be working as well as any under the sink.

It is very important that you follow the installation instructions that come with the reverse osmosis servicing system, especially to the wastewater line. There will need to be an air space (the bigger the better) between the wastewater that collects in the P-trap and the wastewater line.

Once you have completed your installation of the reverse osmosis servicing system, and you have turned on the water flow -within fifteen minutes you should hear a trickling sound from the sink’s drain pipe as waste water flows from the system into the drain pipe.

An absence of trickling sound could mean that the end of the wastewater line could be submerged in standing water or have a blockage against the drain pipe. The wastewater must be able to flow freely for the reverse osmosis servicing system to function effectively. You can try and place the wastewater line so that a portion of the tubing forms a big bend that is above the area where it empties into the drain pipe. This prevents sink water or soaking wet garbage from being consumed into the system.

Any and all instructions should be enclosed in the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The best advice that can be given is to follow along the instructions step by step.