Revenge the Right Way

Don’t forgive the people who haven’t supported you in the past.

That’s right – you read correctly. I don’t want you to forgive them.

I want you to thank them.

Every day, in my head, I thank the people who said I wouldn’t be able to start my first business at age 15. Every day I thank the people who thought I would fail opening a real estate agency at 21.

When people expect you to fail or don’t support your endeavours you can do two things. You can believe them. Or you can show them. I know which I chose to do. What’s your choice going to be?

I chose to use their negativity as fuel for my energy and drive. I used their words as motivation when I was feeling low. I decided that success was the best and only form of revenge I would ever enact on these people.

In life you are always going to encounter negative people. If you don’t meet these negative people you will never know the following:

How much you should love and appreciate the positive and supportive people in your life
How good you’re going to feel by becoming successful and proving them wrong
You can get angry, you can try and get even – OR you can get on with it and become an unequivocal success. Two options will get you tired, probably bitter and will usually prove the doubters right. Remember – Success is the only acceptable form of revenge.