Revealed: Mark Yarnell’s Secret Plan to Earn $100,000 per Month!!

Thanks to David Wood, Jim Chao and Kenny Gregg for hosting Mark Yarnell, the writer of the tome every network marketer needs to obtain and read: Your First Year in Network Marketing.

Those who succeed in network marketing follow a strategic but simple plan that Mark discussed on this remarkable webinar.

Mark Yarnell is almost 60 years old. He has had money and freedom for 24 years. The MLM industry provided him the means and ability to choose anything he desired to do.

What goals do you have for your life? What could you do if you had the freedom that comes with the wealth you can earn in MLM?

So, how do you produce a monthly income of $100,000 within 12 months or less? Yarnell truly believs this is a small amount! He believes this for the reason that he interviewed lots of individuals who have generated $2 million or more a MONTH while he worked for Success Magazine for a few years.

Yarnell has no college degree, and he has no rich parents. How did he do it?

Here are the FIVE items you need to know and execute to generate $100,000 per month according to Mark Yarnell:

1. Core Value Match – When selecting a company, Yarnell wants you to ask, “would you enroll your momma into the deal you’re in?” If your fundamental standards do not fit those of your business, you will involuntarily sabotage your hard work and prevent success. Are you in a company that matches your values? Are you proud of your company? Yarnell has turned down lots of opportunities because they didn’t mesh with his fundamental standards. They didn’t pass this simple test. Dig a little and discover whether the company in front of you is a great fit for your value system. Be proud of the business you work with and you will be successful.

2. What is your company’s target market? Find a company with a GIANT market sector and with LIMITED competition in that market sector. You need to be able to connect with a large amount of people. Consider the products and services offered by your potential company and choose a company where EVERYONE already buys what you intend to market.

3. Committ to TWO HOURS daily in professional relationship building. In MLM, you are only rewarded for two types of activity: recruiting and selling. Do you know the difference between an amateur and a pro? The pro gets PAID for his or her efforts! Your relationship building efforts need to create revenue for your business. Committ to two hours daily creating relationships with prospective partners to introduce your business opportunity or market your products and services. Call the leads that you’ve produced from your efforts on the web. present your message at a training.

4. Do you intend to reach $100,000 per month in 1 year or 3? Network marketing is a numbers game. To acheive $100,000/month in only one year – you have to converse with 30 people a day 5 days a week. To get there in 3 years, develop relationships with 50 people each week. Develop or make use of tools and direct your leads to information that will connect them with your business. Connect with 600 people monthly. Almost all, 95% in fact, will say no. But your team will grow by 30 each month! Say you lose all but one but you keep going for a year, you will have enrolled 12 great business builders who will rocket your business. Yarnell says it is impossible NOT to make $100,000 per month. Even if 6 of your 12 quit!

5. Yarnell warns of 10 BOMBS to be aware of and AVOID!

1. The Comparison Bomb – Stay focused on your business and ignore any other opportunity that comes along. Changing network marketing companies will derail your career!

2. The Multiple Stream Income Bomb – Your MLM must be your ONLY focus. You are unable to promote more than one opportunity. Dance with the one that brung ya! Avoid being sucked in by numerous streams of income.

3. The Multi Tasking Bomb – Productivity comes from focus. Remain focused on one thing for 2 hours every day! Recruit and sell! Commit two hours daily of laser focus and you will be successful.

4. The Banker Bomb – You are not the bank! Do not loan your prospects the cash to pay for their initial order. Do not believe people that tell you how talented they are and that you should pay their freight to join your team. They will not produce!

5. The Product Expert Bomb – You will confuse people if you know EVERY last technical thing about your product or your business. You do not need to explain how your product or service does what it does. The more you talk the less interested they will become.

6. Friends and Family Bomb – Show them the money and they might join your team. When you make it big, they’ll come running. Your warm market is where you should spend your time – people you have something in common with. Look up those with similar hobbies you have and show them how to do their hobby EVERY DAY with the time freedom your opportunity will provide. Sell the dream!

7. Networking Bomb – People you bump into at networking events all desire to market to you. This is a closed market.

8. The Dabble Bomb – Recognize and let go those who want to be at your level but only dabble. Do not squander your time on them.

9. The Dump Bomb – Curiosity sells! Do not overwhelm on the first approach. They’ll just think you are in one of them there pyramid schemes! Learn the art of the tease, guide them to a tool and follow up.

10. The Shortcut Bomb – This is not a get rich quick business. You need to work full time and develop the skills to be successful. Good news! Full time is only 2 hours a day!