“Resistance is thought transformed into feeling. Change the thought that creates the resistance, and there is no more resistance.” Robert Conklin

Resistance is your mind saying NO. Then your mind translates that to your body. When I feel resistance, I feel a stuck feeling in my body. It is as if the natural humming flow has congealed. Watch for that experience while you are working on changing your life. Consider it information. See if you get any ideas what it’s about.

Three Signs of Resistance:

1. Forgetting or becoming too distracted to complete that is important to you; for example, while working with a self-help book, all of a sudden you seem to forget your transformation project and find yourself watching TV or playing computer games or some other distraction that takes you away from your intended goal.

2. Becoming too busy to complete things that are important to you and believing you have to do something for someone else; for example, while working with your self-help book you find you are too busy to do what you thought you wanted to do in the book or you have to help a friend in their life.

3. Losing interest in completing projects or following through on things that are important to you; for example, while working with your book, you seem to have lost interest in the project.

Any one of these signs is most likely resistance speaking. Having a support partner relationship in place helps assure that you overcome any resistance that arises.

As you begin to watch for it, you will likely find resistance is quite familiar. Resistance is just the opposite of willingness. You may be using resistance to give yourself a breather, however, monitor your breather and challenge yourself to go beyond it and stick to the changes that will give you the life you want.