Researching Your Car Stereo

Looking Before You Buy A Car Stereo Is Important

Many motorists find themselves wanting the loudest, hottest car stereos on the market. Give them every bell and whistle, hook up better speakers that can handle some serious output, give them an ability to play it loud and they’re happy.

There’s a problem with that, however. While it’s great to have a high-end stereo in a car, in fact, for some drivers a stereo even helps focus their efforts, not all stereos are cracked up the same when it comes to safety.

Since a car stereo goes in a several-ton weapon on wheels, it’s a good idea for a driver to also be very in tune with the stereo’s use before buying it. One that’s too complicated or has buttons that are tough to select can create issues. Hands off the wheel is never a good thing.

For those concerned about safety when they drive, there are things to look for in a car stereo system that can help improve their function without impairing the driver:

* Easy to understand console selections. If the faceplate is so complicated a driver needs a schematic to change a radio station, it’s probably not a good choice. While bells and whistles are great, they can get in the way of a driver’s primary job, which of course, is driving. Flashy isn’t always better.
* Single CD capacity if the driver likes to mix it up a lot. A changer that can handle multiple CDs or even an MP3 player that can store dozens of the driver’s favorite songs is the way to go in this case.
* Easy to locate and manipulate buttons. If the buttons are so tiny the driver needs a pencil point to push them, this can cause a distraction problem. Bigger, easy to find and manipulate buttons and dials that can be used without taking eyes off the road are a better choice.

There’s nothing wrong with listening to some good music while driving as long as the driver keeps the primary task at hand. However, some stereo systems lend themselves better to the road than others. If a system is too complicated, a driver’s attention can be distracted and since accidents happen in split seconds, distraction is never a good idea.

Be smart when buying a car stereo system and seek out those that provide not only the sound quality you’re after, but also offer fairly simple use. Doing otherwise can result in a great system that doesn’t have car to go with it!