Repent America – A Ministry on the Frontlines

Repent America is hands down the organization that can be found down on the frontlines at any time night or day. Some people think they are highly confrontational but there remains a host of Christians that still believe that the gospel is supposed to send “a sword” Mt. 10:34 into the world not a milk toast message of compromise and cotton candy. They show up at abortion clinics, gay parades and anywhere where the friction is the greatest. They are armed with gospel tracts and a willingness to tell it like it is and that has earned them several arrests and removals from many gatherings around the nation.

Repent America is driven not by the idea that trends in the US might lead to our demise but rather that the paths we are choosing have already begun to pull us down below the recovery line. Even those who are not willing to take on these issues with such in your face tactics often agree that somebody has to do it. Churches and ministries that want to get the message out are usually sympathetic with Repent America’s cause even though they may be unwilling to actively throw in with them.

They are not unwilling to tackle issues on their website either. They present an apt case for the defeat of bill H. R. 254 other wise known as the David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act. This act if passed by a now democratically controlled house could start a kind of Orwellian thought police movement in the US. Repent America is drawing and producing the kind of individuals that truly can be called “Christian Soldiers.”

Any ministries that dare to confront the issues of today risk being labeled as haters. As the world view gains momentum in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist this will be the norm. People will not be able to see that these ministries are driven by the love of God to proclaim the judgment of God. This is an enigmatic principle that few Christians can fully comprehend and almost no secularists can grasp.

The Biblical call is not to hate the sinner but to get the sinner to hate his own sin as seen in Psalms 36:1-2 NIV “An oracle is within my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked: There is no fear of God before his eyes. For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.”

A few highly provoking and inspirational sermons are offered on the Repent America website. One sermon entitled “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” caught the attention of Times Square Church Pastor David Wilkerson. Wilkerson who has been on the frontline of street ministry and evangelism for over 40 years was so moved by this sermon that he invited Repent America’s director to preach it in person in the famed New York church.

Wilkerson is also a strong proponent of the “get in it or get out of it” kind of witnessing for the faith. Unmoved by modern evangelistic techniques that after follow up are seen to produce less than 20 percent of real converts Wilkerson preaches the kind of messages that make soldiers not war sympathizers.

In ministry reminiscent of the sixties “Jesus Movement” which produced figures like Wilkerson and Arthur Blessitt, Repent America gives new definition to the idea of proactive evangelism.

The Repent America itinerary has found them at Super Bowl XLI in Miami and in the future they plan to be at some of this country’s most controversial gatherings. In August of 2007 they will be back in the city that to date has given them the most grief altogether, Philadelphia.

The ultimate non sequitur is that the City of Brotherly Love seems to have so little love for the brothers. In January of 2007 the city provided a summary judgment against the so called Philadelphia Eleven for events that took place at the gathering sponsored by Philly Pride Presents Inc. They plan to work the streets at the Philadelphia Phillies ‘Gay Night’ (Homosexual Outreach), Philadelphia, PA.

In October of 2007 they plan to rally at the Halloween Festival in Salem Massachusetts showing once again that they are not unwilling to enter the fray at the very hottest spot. Although they will always create controversy they will always earn the respect of any believer that thinks the church should be doing more to evangelize a troubled nation.