Repair PST file in a few seconds with efficient PST repair Tool

PST is the name of the file format that is used by the Microsoft Outlook to store messaging information locally on your computer. This files stores all your Contact, calendar, Drafts, Notes, Journals and calendar items information on your local hard disk. The primary purpose of the PST file is to archive emails and store them on local computer. Those who use MS outlook 2002 and earlier version of the email client had their PST file in ANSI format that led to a size limitation of 2 GB. Whenever, the PST file size extends beyond 2 GB, the PST file gets corrupt making all the messaging data unavailable.

Solution from the Vendor

To provide a workaround, Microsoft offered a Tool called scanpst.exe which repairs the file making the inaccessible data available. However, this Tool is not a foolproof solution as in many cases it fails to produce the required result. Hence, a number of third party tools are available in the market to repair fix corrupt PST files. MS Outlook 2003 and later versions support Unicode character format raising the size limit of the file to 20 GB. The size limit has been further extended to 50 GB in the latest version of the Outlook 2010. There is also a provision to further increase the file size with the help of doing some changes in the registry entry.

Why PST files becomes unusable?

Though PST files have need introduced to make our life easier, they could make it even worse if we don’t have enough provision to deal with them, if they go corrupt making the entire critical data inaccessible. There could be various reasons that can make your PST file corrupt, for example, if you are sharing it over network then problem could occur while doing read/write operation on the file. There are a plethora of other reasons that can make your PST file corrupt such as Hard Drive failure, Virus Attack, sudden system shutdown, corruption of the MS Outlook application could also be the reason for the corruption of the PST file. In such situation the obvious question in front of you is to how to repair PST file.

There are a number of solutions available in the market that can take you out from this situation by offering way to fix PST file, which cannot be done by the scanpst.exe offered by the Microsoft. Kernel for PST Repair is one of the best tools that can fix all types of issues in the PST file and let you get access to your precious mailing data as and when required.