Renting With Children

Renting with children is sometimes difficult. Many property owners will not come right out and deny you because of the children, but they might find a different reason so they do not discriminate against you for having children. Children are hard on apartments and homes. You can have drawing on the walls, fires, flooding, toys down the toilet and the noise inside and outside. Not that children are bad, children are wonderful, but some property owners do not want the responsibility of have to worry about what might happen if someone has children.

If you are renting with children, you have to have enough room for the children to have bedrooms to sleep in and enough space for them to live comfortably. If you have an upper flat and children, you will have to keep them quite so they do upset the downstairs tenants. Most people with children try to rent lower flats or a house to prevent this problem. This is always something to keep in mind.

Children are sometimes mischievous and can unknowing create problems. Property owners shy away from renting to families with small children because there are many things that can happen with young children. If you have small children, it is a good idea to explain that you do keep an eye on them at all times. Adults who smoke with small children are high risk at anytime. Children who find a lighter and want to experiment with it start more fires. If you smoke chances are, a property owner may not rent to you for that reason, but also because they do not want anyone smoking in the house or apartment. These are some things to keep in mind when looking for a place to live.

If you have children, some property owners may request an additional amount of money towards the security deposit. This is however, refundable if nothing is wrong with the apartment or house when you leave. It is always a good idea to keep a watchful eye on children when renting so that nothing does happen that needs repair. As long as you have enough room for the children and yourself to live comfortably, renting can be just as comfortable as owning. You do however need to have enough room as required by law when renting with children. This can be a problem if you have three or four children in a small three bedroom apartment or house.

If you rent an apartment or house and have older children who come back to the nest, you would be wise to discuss this with the property owner before they find out. They may raise your monthly rent to accommodate for the extra person on the premises. This is common practice, since you are the only one on the lease at the time of renting the apartment. Older children that visit for a week or two are not considered living with you, but any longer than that, you will need to discuss with the property owner before problems arise from another person living on the premises.