Renovation Attic Estimate

Renovation Attic Estimate

When you don’t have the faintest clue as to how much your renovation in the attic is going to cost, you should get an estimate to figure out how much money will be needed for the project.

A renovation attic estimate will cost depending on the dimensions of the room. Another factor will be the type of materials you wish to use to achieve that finished look. A contractor who is offering his or her services will of course have a few markups so they are able to make money for their business.

As for materials, you will have to buy the materials yourself from the home improvement store at retail price. But given that they go on sale annually, you can wait until the price drops or wait until the months of October when there are not that many people who renovate during this time of the year.

If you want to cut down some of the costs, in the attic renovation, you can do some of the things yourself. One good example is painting since you don’t have to study how to do it.

But for more technical stuff, you have to learn how to pick the right contractor that can give a good estimate. Here are some mistakes which you should avoid.

1. First, the homeowner doesn’t even bother to check if the contractor has a valid license.

2. Another mistake is not to ask for previous customers or conduct a background check.

3. Some homeowners fail to ask the contractor key questions. When this happens, the customer will likely pay more than the projected budget especially when he or she has no idea on the brands used for the attic renovation.

4. Some people fail to check if the contractor has insurance coverage.

5. The homeowner makes the mistake of assuming that oral agreements are good as those written on paper.

6. The customer gives the contractor a huge deposit before starting on the project.

7. Another mistake is to trust the contractor at face value.

Of course, this could have been avoided only if you did all the precautions. If you did your part by talking to previous clients and compared the prices of various contractors, you will be able to find someone who can give a reasonable renovation attic estimate with which you can sign and agree on.

Aside from contractors which you can find through the phone directory, you can also check for such professionals online. Some of these individuals have websites. Once you input some information, they can give you a general idea of how much it will cost.

You will then have to invite them over to your place to get a more accurate measurement of the attic and discuss in further detail the scope of the work.

Remember that any renovation work in the attic or in any other room in your house does not begin until you sign that piece of paper. You should also not be forced or pressured into having it done by them.

Once you have your renovation attic estimate, tell them that you will get in touch with them in a few days. This will give you time to review what is in the contract and compare what other contractors have written as well.