Renovating Your Home

Doors are prone to damage caused by every-day use and weather exposure. As time goes by, the materials of exterior and interior doors can be prone to wear and tear and may need replacing or repaired. Take note that replacing them can be expensive but will provide more value for your money in the long run. Repairs, on the other hand, don’t cost as much, but may not give lasting results. That said, renovating your home will be more valuable if you replace defective doors with more economical, energy-efficient and beautiful doors.

When choosing doors, consider the following factors:

• What is the door made of? Materials like oak interior doors will last much longer than those made of poorer materials. Also check the hinges and knobs, are they hard-wearing and durable?

• It may be that your existing interior bifold options don’t fit the current style of your home due to changes made over the years. Open your mind to other styles and ranges that can offer a more cohesive and consistent design throughout the house. Better yet, hire an interior designer who can help you with the renovation as they have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve a much more desired effect.

• As much as possible, you should choose doors that are not only functional but enhance the area too, consider one that opens onto the patio – select one with a glass incorporated into it and it will also let in a lot of light during the day. Just make sure that it can be covered with a shade or that it has energy efficient glazing as the glass area contributes greatly to heat loss or gain. Hire a professional who can advice you about how heating and ventilation works.

• You might want to get a smaller or bigger door depending on the design you are trying to create in your new home or renovation. As you change the size, you would also need to have the structure adjusted to make sure that there will be no problems relating to the smooth operation of the units once fitted. Also pay attention to the strength and stability of the support structure as it needs to be strong enough to support the type of material you choose.

• Doors not only open up your home to the outside, but an exterior doors main purpose should be to protect you and your family from the dangers outside with added safety features to guarantee your security at all times. Install door viewers, striker plates, deadbolt locks and hinge attachments. Pay close attention to any electrical or plumbing wiring that may be affected by the renovation, hire an expert to check that any modifications won’t affect anything electrical.

If you pay attention to the above factors your house renovation should be a success. It’s important to hire skilled and experienced people to help repair or replace existing interior doors and frames. But before you start on your renovation, make sure you secure all the necessary work permits and that workers are aware of safety practices.

Renovating may cost you money today but the rewards of it will result in pushing up the value of your home. Get moving and start on your way to a better and more beautiful home with oak interior doors!