Remembrance, Forgetfulness, Knowledge And The Perverted Material World

Remembrance, Forgetfulness and Knowledge are important and connected. Krishna, as the Supersoul in everyone’s heart, ‘helps one to fulfill one’s desires in this world. According to our aspirations, we require to forget some things (such as God if one is an atheist), we require to remember other things, and we need knowledge.

Even the animals have instinctually based behavior that coincides with their desires. This so-called instinct is actually Krishna in the heart helping them to carry out their plans. Krishna knows the aspirations of all living entities. Krishna does this to give them facility to enjoy all of the varieties in this world. When the soul has finally realized the futility of attempting to enjoy separately from God, he turns to Krishna in the heart.

We have forgotten that we are part and parcels of Krishna, His eternal servants, because we want to pretend to be the" master of all we survey."Krishna, however, sends messengers (saints, sages, preachers) to us to remind us of who we are. Krishna says that to one who seeks Him, serving Him with devotion, He gives knowledge how to approach Him. When someone comes to full Krishna consciousness, He reveals their eternal relationship with Him and removes all ignorance. 1. Bhagavad-gita 15.15, 2.Bhagavad-gita 10.10

The perverted Material world. What is this? In the Bhagavad-gita, krishna comares this material realm with a banyan tree that has its roots upwards and branches down. We may think that such a tree does not exist, but we can perceive such a tree as the reflection of an actual tree on the bank of a river. The root of such a tree, or where the actual tree and the reflected tree join, can be compared to the desire of the individual soul, which is manifest by his utilization of free will. By this free will he may choose to enter into the spiritual realm(actual tree) or the material world (reflected tree on the water). Just as a reflection is an inverted replica of the original, the relationships in this world are reversed representations of the relationships in the kingdom of God.

The Vedas tell us that there are five rasas, or relationships, that exist in the trancendental dimension: 1.Passive adoration, 2.Servitude, 3.Friendship, 4.Parental affection, and 5.Conjugal love. The asas are sometimes flavored by indirect relationships that come and go appropriately according to different situations. All of these relationships have as their focal point Krishna, Who is understood as the enjoyer in every instance, whereas the individual soul is the enjoyed, taking as his only pleasure the satisfaction of the Supreme Soul. This attitude brings complete satisfaction to the soul.

Here in the perverted reflection (material world) the individual soul attempts to be the enjoyer, taking all other entities, the material energy, and even God as the objects of enjoyment. The conditioned soul structures his life is such a way as to maximize this enjoyment, but is continuously frustrated. Ultimately, everything is taken away by the Supreme Lord in the form of time.