Remembering The Angels

That Angels Can be Called to Help Whenever the Nurse Remembers to Call

I wish I remembered to call the Angels many times over the course of any single day–because I’d be happier and life would be smoother if I did remember.

But I do remember at strategic times–like when a placenta refuses to dislodge and I remember! and immediate release inevitably follows.

Or when a woman is bleeding heavily–I remember! And the bleeding subsides-miraculously!

I one time remembered to call the Angels when the doctor insisted that if the patient failed to deliver her baby in fifteen minutes–she’d go immediately to the operating room for a Cesarean section-and the baby delivered beautifully, after a silent angel prayer.

Remembering the angels is like releasing consciousness to the dream state because once you remember, forgetfulness takes over, again.

Remembering is like a slowing down of the mind–relinquishing thought–aligning the mind to every mind around you so that every mind works in concert with all other minds.

Remembering is like looking at my dogs who are lying at my feet and suddenly realizing-that YES! They are my Angels who tell me to walk outside in the autumn sun, to watch a leaf fall from the mighty oak, and enjoy the moment which suddenly feels like it will never end.

Remembering the angels reminds me to love myself before I can love anyone else,

Remembering the angels tunes me into the things that matter in this life– and beyond.

When I think of the angels, I feel immediate protection.

Meditation on the guardian protectors of us all yields peace–(of mind).

The greatest gift I can give anyone–is to remember the angels.

We don’t have to be aware of their presence to reap the rewards of their benefits–just as we don’t have to be constantly aware of the air we breathe. Yet they are as nourishing and as necessary as that next breath!

We can be like the angels–going about our lives with a creative joy, resourcefulness, and faith in the goodness of all far beyond our having to understand “why.”

Angels don’t do their work with a vibration of drudgery–and neither do we need to. We need to raise our scope and our vision, get rid of the blinders that limit our ability to see the potential inherent in every situation: And call the angels to help us do that.

We can purify every intention we have not only in our patient care, but in every interaction with human or beast.

Daily meditation and prayer brings us closer to the angelic realm. The peace that arises after each session of stillness and quiet is an invitation to the angels, and draws them near. In those moments of clarity, remembering to seek their counsel is a real moment of enlightenment!

All we need to do is ASK!

(Disclaimer: Sometimes karmic conditions fail to yield desired results).

In other words, call the angels and let go of outcome!!