Remember What Matters and Forget What Does Not

In life it is easy to get this the wrong way around and remember all too easily the things that do not matter whilst overlooking the things that do really matter. We tend to tie ourselves up in knots when thinking about silly little things instead of focusing upon things that have far greater potential impact.

When major disasters happen in this World, like an earthquake, tsunami or war, our focus changes and we start to look at what really matters and put our lives into better perspective. In a relationship, many people focus upon minor annoyances to such an extent it can drive a real wedge between the partners. It is frequently only after the relationship has ended that one comes to realize that those little annoyances really should not have mattered at all.

Why should it take a disaster to trigger one to put life into perspective? What stops a person from maintaining a positive perspective and outlook all of the time? To be happy in life, one has to learn how to remember what matters and forget what doesn’t.

Planning to do this is a great place in which to start. Many, many people do not even think to do this. A negative outlook is unfortunately easy to maintain, as negativity feeds negativity and it becomes a vicious and spiraling cycle. When one focuses upon things that niggle and annoy those things tend to niggle and annoy you more and more. As you become more irritated, you see more things that irritate and so on.

If this represents the story of your life, then it will pay to take a step back, relax, and consider what is most important to you. Step back from the little annoyances and look at the overview of what you really want to achieve. Generally one’s overall aim will include things like happiness, a good relationship and a successful career.

If you want to be happy then you have to focus upon the things that make you happy as opposed to the things that do not. If you want to enjoy a good relationship then itÂ’s important to focus upon the things that are great about your relationship, instead of those that are bot so good. The same principle stands true when your overall aim is that of a successful career.

Just as negativity feeds negativity, positivity feeds positivity in an equivalent way. For this reason, to remember what matters and forget what doesn’t should be everyone’s mantra in life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in happiness hypnosis mp3 downloads.

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