Relocation Checklist For The Forgetful

The relocation process can be a hectic and sometimes daunting task. Juggling yourself between two or at times several places at once can really takes it toll physically, emotionally, and mentally. The stress it puts on everybody never ends well. Everybody seems to be running in short fuse with the slightest mistake enough to trigger an eruption of anger, shouting, and even curses. So to avoid or at the very least minimize situations like this, having a relocating checklist can be pretty handy.

Your planning should have begun at least a month before the scheduled move. This will give you ample time to organize your checklist and go over it as you draw closer to the moving date. Why is it that important to have a checklist scheduled a month before the move? Well you need to determine before hand several factors that are quite vital for when you’re relocating to a better place.

The first thing that you will need to consider and one of the very important things at that are the expenses. How can you properly plan your relocation if you have no proper budget at hand. You have to determine early on how the expenses will be paid. If you’re relocating due to a job offer, some companies actually shoulder part of the costs of the relocation. Budget not only involves the freight or movers’ costs but include the miscellaneous stuff like costs of packing boxes, tapes, etc. and your last payments on your bills. These bills need to be settled before you move to your new place.

Aside form bill payments, you need to consider canceling your club memberships like in gyms or dance classes. Do the right thing and cancel your memberships and subscriptions to your local newspaper as well.

Also a month before, e sure to clean all your deposit boxes and transfer whatever money you have to the appropriate local banks where you will be relocating. Or you can always transact online and have the bank wire transfer your money to your new account.

This is also the time that you will need to submit a change of address to your post office for mail and package deliveries. You see how important a month before the actual move is? As you go nearer the target date, your checklist will become more specific.

For example, in about two weeks before you move out, you should have determined by then which items you will pack and bring to your news home. You should take a walk and browse through your home to make sure you have got and marked all the necessary stuff. It is better to make sure rather than go back a couple of weeks later to pick up or accomplish some pending or forgotten tasks or things. At two weeks before the big move, all your things should have been arranged and ready to be packed if not packed already.

A week before the move, avoid buying any more perishable items. Also by this time, your cupboards and refrigerators should be clear of any food items that you will not need in the next week. A week before the move, your agreements with the movers should have been confirmed. Keep your friends and family informed as well as updated on where to contact you in case something unexpected happens.

With proper prior planning, you should be able to perform a smooth relocation. You might encounter some stumbling blocks along the way but with having a checklist and following it truthfully, you will have the time and the strength to make adjustments and alterations to your plans as you go on to your moving day.