Relief for Phobias by Phone

You’ve Had Enough Pain and Suffering
You’re tired of being afraid, and you’re ready to change. Phobias limit your life at every turn, and you’re all done feeling limited. You need a plan to make the change. Read on, my friend, and let me help you.

Phobias Equal Fear
It may surprise you to find out that the real origin of your phobia is fear itself. Yes, simple fear itself. For instance, if you are afraid of snakes, it is quite common that the original fearsome event had nothing to do with snakes, it just had everything to do with fear. That fear accumulated inside of you until it chose an identifier such as snakes, spiders, bridges, heights, leaving the house, and so on.Your full courage can readily be returned to you. Fear doesn’t have to rule your life.

Hypnosis Undoes Phobias
Everything that has ever happened to you is recorded within your subconscious mind. Hypnosis accesses your subconscious, opens the original memories, neutralizes the fears stored inside, upgrades how you feel about yourself, and voila. Phobia gone. Hypnosis does not change the past, it changes how you feel about it. It gives you a means of processing those emotions, and it all happens in the privacy of your own mind.

Which Begs a Few Questions
Who were the bullies in your young life? A teacher? sibling? parent? neighbor? relative? everyone? Who humiliated you, teased you, hurt you, and otherwise engaged in inappropriate behavior? And wouldn’t you feel better if you could go back and rescue those events? Maybe get your younger self out of there before any of that happened? Wouldn’t you feel better if you could go back and be there for your younger self like an adult should have been the first time? Wouldn’t you feel better if you could confront the people who hurt you without having to do it in real life?

Hypnosis Can Be Easily Done by Telephone
The instrument of the hypnotist is the voice, and lots of hypnotists do sessions by phone. I’ve helped folks from all over the US this way, and it works as well it does in person. In fact, it has a few advantages. First, you’re comfortably at home in your own comfy recliner. Second, the telephone may give you access to more talented hypnotists than those available in your area. Third, your area may not even have hypnotists. Fourth, given the price of gasoline these days, hypnosis by telephone is a great alternative. And lastly, where fear of leaving the house is your phobia, then hypnosis by phone is absolutely your best option.

The Money
In my practice, sessions typically take two hours and cost $100. Some hypnotists charge less, some more. Some hypnotists take credit cards, some don’t. Almost no insurance companies pay for hypnosis, for reasons known only to them. Expect to write your hypnotist a check, and only pay for each session after it happens. Beware of hypnotists selling you a package of sessions.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?
The only honest answer is, “I don’t know,” since everyone is a unique individual with circumstances specific to them. One session is enough for some folks, most people need two or three, and some might even need five or six. It all depends on how well you follow instructions, how deep your problems go, and how eager you are to change. If you are fully ready to change your life, you’ll need fewer sessions than someone who is not. Even if you need five or six sessions, since it means getting your powerful life back, it’s affordable and well worth doing.

Questions Your Hypnotist Will Need You To Answer
Which phobias do you have? Are you under a doctor’s care or taking any medications? Are you religious, spiritual, neither, or both? How old are you? Are you self-critical? The answers to these questions allow the hypnotist to tailor the sessions to you, especially the one as to your spiritual preference. As a rule, people with a belief in a higher power get faster results than those who do not; just as younger people typically get faster results than older ones.

Preparing for the Telephone Session
It’s different with different hypnotists, but here’s how it works in my practice. You phone or email me to set up your appointment, and at the agreed up time, you call me. Then you spend about 20 minutes in preliminary discussion, then about an hour and 15 minutes in trance, then we debrief for about another 20 minutes. Optimally you will have two hours of undistracted time, a recliner or a comfy chair with arms, a fully charged cellphone with unlimited long distance, and a Blue Tooth or speakerphone. Of all of these, the recliner is the most important, as your comfort is primary.

Do You Have To Regress?
No. Rescuing the original event is only one method. Besides, when rescuing an original event, you do not exactly live it again, rather, you’re there at your current age as an observer. Then you rescue your younger self from the event, and any subsequent events if necessary. Rescuing does not change the memories themselves; everything that happened to you will still have happened. What changes are the emotions that you have stored inside those memories. For example, fear changes to love, confusion changes to truth, helplessness changes to personal power, and so on.

Hypnotists Use Many Other Methods As Well
You can easily be upgraded for Personal Power, Love, Acceptance, Inner Peace, Oneness, and any other postive state. Or you can release all of your old stored negative emotions without having to feel any of them as they are expelled from your body. Then there’s The Forgiveness Pyramid, The Spa of Your Inner Mind, to name a few. It’s always about neutralizing the bad and instilling lots and lots of good. We use guided imagery, unguided imagery, interactive hypnosis, direct suggestion, parts, and that’s just for starters. A good hypnotist has lots of tools in the toolkit and doesn’t just read to you. The best hypnosis is done interactively.