Rejuvenate Body & Mind with Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments

With more people outside India identifying the magic-like effects of Ayurveda, the demand for specialist treats has shot up manifold over the past decade. Now, the several healthcare packages by Ayurvedic centers in Kerala, India have several takers among professionals in the corporate world, retired population and everyone. Everyone now knows Ayurveda can provide rejuvenation to both mind and body.

Even a simple massage session can do wonders. Several dozens of types of massages are there for everyone. Managers and professionals who work under severe pressure can receive oil massages for their heads, to bring mind back to under control. They usually can benefit from dhara (continuous pouring of any one of medicinal oil, diluted curd – buttermilk), sirovasti (retaining oil on head with specially designed cap), etc.

There are also full body massages like abhayanga (normal oil massage for the whole body), kizhi (pressing the body with globules of rice, herbal powder, etc) and variety of other treatments that really give you a new body and mind. Well, not literally, but you can feel rejuvenated and energized after the treatments.

If you stick to the daily and seasonal routines as directed by the Ayurvedic physicians, you can also maintain the same levels of energy and healthful life for the rest of your days. That is, you won’t fall prey to stress, autoimmune diseases, several types of allergies, and several common diseases. The lifestyle modifications include eating healthy, balanced meals and giving enough rest to your body. They are easy to follow and guarantee you healthy body and mind.

There are different treatment packages suggested during different times of the year. The effectiveness of different treatments can vary between seasons. The Monsoon season (August-September) is ideal for almost all treatments because the body will be more receptive to the medicines then. However, treatments are also available for anybody during any part of the year.

There are also several Ayurvedic treatment packages offered by the Ayurvedic wellness centers. The treats are now sought most by foreigners than by people from India. And, there are several Ayurvedic treatment centers aimed primarily at foreign tourists than at people from within India. However, nobody is left behind both foreigners and nationals can get the best of treatments they look for.

The Ayurvedic treatment centers mostly have some good accommodation features too. Sometimes, they are next to hotels and sometimes, the Ayurvedic centers have the resorts and rooms for the visitors.

The rejuvenation therapies, massages, and treatments of various ailments are all under the direct supervision of a qualified and experienced practitioner. Kerala government doesn’t give approval to treatment centers that don’t meet the qualification requirements.

While looking for Ayurvedic treatments, special therapies, etc, rest assured that there are lot of treatment centers run by professionally qualified Ayurvedic physicians. When you pick a treatment center located at a calm, scenic location, you not only get the best treatments for your body, but also the calmness your mind needs.