Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation is a technique of healing that uses both
reiki energy and reiki symbols. Reiki originated in Japan
and it is the movement of the life force energy. It’s been
applied to a variety of health problems and one thing that
is interesting in this approach is you need no belief system
or set of doctrines. One thing that is helpful is for the
client to have a committment to change and healing.

Dr. Usui (founder of Reiki) encouraged reiki meditation to
increase their sensitivity to the energy and one’s capacity
to channel the force. In the beginning meditation you
breathe in the reiki energy through the top of the head
(soft spot of the baby’s head) letting it saturate your
whole being. When you exhale, you picture the energy going
into the universe. Some reiki practitioners do distance
healing as well as hand-on healing and this meditation is
encouraged to help them develop greater range and