Reiki Healing and Reiki Guides

Is Reiki just about Universal Life Force or is there an intelligence behind it? Are there Reiki guides intelligently manipulating the energy? Lets find out..

Reiki is an easy to learn method of healing. No special physical or intellectual abilities are required and anybody can learn the art of Reiki healing extremely quickly.

How Does Reiki work?

I was initiated to Reiki 1 in February 1993. To Reiki 2 a few months later and as a Reiki Master in September 2004. I started teaching towards the beginning of 1995.

When I studied Reiki 1, I asked my Master to explain where the energy was coming from. She told me that Reiki was “Universal Life energy”. The energy that is around us. This energy allows trees and plants to grow and allows us to be alive. In those days, my left brain (the analytical one) was still dominant and I needed more explanation. So I asked this Master to show me this energy and she could not. It is in fact easy to show this energy. In my Reiki courses, I teach students how to see the energy field that is around us. This is called the aura. Most students are able to see the first layer of the aura (the etheric field) after only a few seconds.

When I studied Reiki 2, I once again asked my Master where the energy was coming from and pretty much got the same answer. I was puzzled by the cleverness of Reiki. Lets work through an example to illustrate this point.

Say you are faced with a Client suffering from headaches. Headaches have many causes. They can be triggered by stress, tension in the neck, liver problems, constipation etc. Lets assume your Client suffers from constipation and that this is the cause of his headaches. You will treat him with Reiki on the head. However, this may trigger a bowel movement. As such, Reiki has addressed the root of the problem.

The magic of Reiki however does not stop there. Reiki will also try to give him the cause of his constipation. The next day, he may go out and one of his friends explains to him that at last he is no longer constipated as he has changed his diet and is now eating more fibre and less animal food (over simplified for this example). He has his answer. If he ignores it, he may well find himself reading an article in a magazine with a similar explanation a few days later. Eventually, if he keeps on ignoring the messages, they will stop.

Reiki Guides

This intelligence baffled me. Eventually, I did my Reiki Masters with William Rand from the United States in September 1994. He mentioned Reiki Guides in his Masters course and this got my attention. Could these guides be the intelligence behind Reiki? When I got back home after the course, I decided to study Spirit Guides and bought a book simply called “Spirit Guides” by Iris Belhayes. This lady channelled her spirit guide who wrote the book through her. A small but very challenging book. I learnt about the theory of “life after death”, the process of life in the Spirit world and reincarnation. Fascinating stuff it was for me at the time. I began to believe that the Reiki intelligence was because these Reiki Guides directed the energy in our body.

Then, one day, I got confirmation. I was helping Marie, a friend of mine who had a problem with one knee. Marie was born clairvoyant. During the treatment, she asked me how Reiki works and I told her about “Universal life energy” but also told her about my belief about Reiki guides.

As she was a clairvoyant and could talk to the dead, I asked her to get in a trance and try to “talk” to the guide who was working on her knee. To my amazement, Marie did, and the 40 most amazing minutes of my life started when I had a full conversation with my guide through her.

I asked many questions during this time. Who was my guide? What nationality was he in his previous life etc.. We also asked what was wrong with my Marie’s knee. He said that the pain and the swelling were due to a bit of cartilage that had come off the patella (kneecap) and was digging into the tibia bone. The guide said that he would be able to get rid of the pain and the swelling but could not remove the bit of cartilage and that surgery would be necessary. This was true. The problem could be minimised but kept coming back.

At one stage during the conversation, my friend said the guide was going to work on me. My descending colon was twisted and he was going to straighten it. Just before she said this, I had felt a pain on the left side of my colon. A short while later, a gurgling noise came out of my intestines and the pain disappeared. My friend said the guide was finished with me and he was coming back to work on her. I was speechless!

Eventually, the prediction came true and my friend had to go to hospital to have the piece of cartilage removed. The surgeon who talked to her after the arthroscopy said: “You had a piece of cartilage that had come off your patella and was digging into your tibia bone..” My friend said :”I know…(but know explaining how she knew)” These 40 minutes were amongst the most amazing in my life and they changed the way I teach Reiki. To me the intelligence in Reiki is due to “Reiki guides”.

A Reiki Meditation to meet your Guide

In all my Reiki courses, I offer a simple meditation for students to meet their Reiki guide. I am pleased to say that nowadays most do. Prior to the meditation, I take the students through a relaxation. The meditation journey takes them to a beautiful beach with golden sand, a forest and a waterfall where their guide awaits in he mist. A simple but very effective mediation.

The emotions felt by students who meet their Guides for the first time is extremely satisfying to witness.

This meditation is recorded and offered to students so they can repeat the experience in the comfort of their own home.