Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors: Can You Do It Yourself?

Hardwood floors can add beauty and elegance to any room in your home. They do require some regular maintenance, and in due time you will find that you will need to refinish your hardwood floors. Thank goodness that with effort and patience this is something that can be done and won’t be too terribly difficult. Once done, your floors will look as good as they day they were put in.

There are two parts in the procedure for refinishing hardwood floors: sanding, which cleans away any old dirt and smooths the old wood in order to give it a fresh appearance; and staining, which is performed after the sanding, gives the old hardwood floor a smoother, glossier sheen.

Before refinishing hardwood floors, you should first check to make sure they need refinishing in the first place. A good test is to place a drop of water on the wood floor. If the wood absorbs it quickly, you should refinish the floor. If it is absorbed more slowly or not at all, you do not need to refinish the floor right away.

When you inspect the floor, make sure it doesn’t need any repairs. Problems to inspect for include warped or squeaking floor boards, badly stained wood, and other permanent damage. If any of these issues are present, you should repair them before refinishing the floor.

If you have found that your flooring could use a face lift but isn’t in need of other repairs, you can start your project. To get started, take everything out of the room, cover up vents and other openings such as light fixtures and vents. There will be a large amount of dust once you begin sanding and to sand a floor is a messy job.

A powerful drum sander is the tool to use for your initial sanding. To avoid accidental damage to the wood, keep the drum sander continuously in motion. If it stays in one place, too much wood is lost and your floor is uneven. Move steadily. Don’t rush. To get in corners and other tight spots, use an edge sander.

After sanding the floor, clean up all debris and dust in the work space. Then, to begin staining, you will need to choose a floor stain. Decide whether water-based or oil-based stain will be best for your floor depending on the characteristics of your floor. Follow all the instructions, especially how many coats needed and how long it takes to dry.

Your stain is dry; your floor is done! Offer yourself some congratulations! Refinishing hardwood floors can be difficult, and some hire a professional, but you know how to refinish hardwood floors so you don’t need to. This task takes a little time, but when you see your dull floor shining and gleaming again you will know it was all worth it.