Reel in those Northern Canadian Pike of Your Dreams

Many fisherman live and dream of reeling in that monster North Canada Pike fish. An evil looking fish machine is there ever was a fish to give you a great fight that you will long remember. It is no small accident that the Northern Pike which inhabit the northern portions of the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan have earned their reputation. The Northern Pike are an amazingly adaptable fierce predator fish that live and fight the angler well in deep shallow waters of the Canadian North.

It’s no accident that Pike prosper in so many diverse environments. Northern Pike live to exploit every opportunity that crosses their wily paths. All depending on the season that you fish, you can and will find Northern Pike shallow and deep and just about anywhere in between in the Lakes that you fish. It’s no accident that the biggest Northern actually behave in ways different than small pike. Your strategies to fish these monsters of must vary depending on whether the avid fisherman is looking for size, action or a combination of both

For example topwater lures are a good example. There is not much more exciting in the life of an avid fisherman than to watch a Northern Pike grab and crush topwater bait. During the summer months the best time of day for catching these monsters are early morning. Later in the afternoon and during overcast conditions such as you find on the lake. Note deep weed edges, woody shorelines and rocky lake structures as perfect Northern Pike fishing locations and locales.

The biggest and most colorful ear splitting buzzbaits attract the most attention from these monster pike fish. Best colors for these lures, according to experienced and wily fishing guide Noel the Vamdal of the Lake of the Manitoba Narrows regions are loud vibrant Chartreuse, white, yellow and proud orange colours. Mr. Vamdal notes that in his great experience at the narrows that adding a trailer-hook with a 5 inch worm, twister tail or pork chunk can make for the winning fish in an angling tournament. Lastly he adds – the key is not to react to the explosion when the Northern Pike wallows onto the lure. Keep your rod pointed up during the retrieval process and reel into the fish rather than dropping the tip and actually setting the fishing hook

Instead of throwing a big noisy buzzbait over a weedbed though position your fishing boat so you can keep your lures running in the prime Northern Pike zone. Do the same thing when you are fishing in and amongst fallen trees and logs. Pike are major ambush predators that hide along the fringes of cover, for a quick dash, rather than burying themselves deep inside the cover.

You can troll these lures as well as cast them, but do not troll aimlessly and endlessly. Even though it’s a good way to use up a case of Millers. Concentrate of key transitions, edges; drop off, breaklines and specific bottom contours.

Lucky Craft LV and LVR models are awesome vibrating lipless casting lures. When you pause them even for a millisecond, a following pike has only two options – either go for the bait by opening up its mouth and eating or leaving the vibrant bait alone. You guess the choice of that aggressive killer Northern Pike fish.

These lures may look a tad on the small size, but they always fish big. Part of the reason is that you can retrieve them quickly in a flash. As well they will not roll over and blow out.

Lastly weedless spoons like the Silver Minnow excel in and around cover. This occurs especially in the mid summer periods, while the traditional style spoons produce best in main lake area especially around rocky structures from early summer until late fall.

In the end the avid fisherman and angler will always remember and relish that strike from the giant Northern.