Reduce Stress and Signs of Aging with Schizandra Berries

If you suffer from the physical, mental and emotional ravages of stress, or are just looking for a way to give your body a protective boost, schizandra berries may be the perfect solution.

Schizandra are small, bitter berries with a sour taste commonly consumed in supplement form for a variety of health benefits which all relate back to one thing: stress.

Harvested from the schizandra bush in the spring, schizandra berries work as a phyto-adaptogen within the body. Adaptogens are substances or compounds that help the body cope with stress, literally helping us “adapt” to changing conditions instead of falling victim to them. Stress can impact our mental and physical wellbeing in many ways, causing us to gain weight, develop wrinkles, get sick and sleep poorly.

As adaptogens, schizandra berries (also commonly spelled “schisandra”) are known to fight off potentially damaging free radicals, which attack the body’s cells and can lead to physical aging as well as illness. We’re exposed to free radicals on a daily basis as leftover products from the toxins we inhale from pollution and as byproducts of cellular metabolism.

One of the main benefits of taking schizandra is a strengthened immune system. When we’re under stress, either from work, family, school, etc., the body goes into high alert, which can weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

Schizandra also has fantastic anti-aging benefits. The free radical fighters within these berries keep the cells of the skin’s infrastructure from being damaged, which causes wrinkles. Taken regularly, schizandra can also help reduce the appearance of any existing wrinkles.

Additional benefits of schizandra include support for the heart, liver and sexual organs, the entire digestive system and proper cognitive function. Specifically, schizandra improves mental focus and memory, helping you feel invigorated and allowing for better information retention.

As previously mentioned, you could consume the actual berries, but schizandra fruit is known to be incredibly sour and bitter. Capsules and tablets containing the fruit extract are available and generally well tolerated. As with all supplements, it’s important to speak with your doctor before adding a new one to your routine, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or being treated for a medical condition.

Users of schizandra may experience some symptoms of indigestion, although not common. Start with a small dose to see how well your body tolerates the extract.

It’s not always possible to eliminate stress. Thankfully, schizandra can help you look and feel younger and healthier by blocking it out.