Rediscover Lost Rhythm In Your Golf Swing

Every golfer experiences days when his or her rhythm just happens to be “on” and also, unfortunately, other days when rhythm is nowhere to be seen. Your swing just seems to be out of sync and your golf is far from comfortable; every shot involves a severe struggle!

The question that is faced by a golfer in this position is how to find the best way to play to your maximum potential on one of these “off” days? Most golfers resort to doing the very worst thing possible, probably because it is the most obvious; they start trying to work out what has happened to their swing. They puzzle and ponder about their mechanics.

“Are my hands right?”
“Is my spine angle right?”
“Is the club head square at the top of the back swing?”
“Am I making my hip turn?”
“Am I transferring my weight?”
“Did I finish properly?”
“Am I too low over the ball?”

This is just a mini-list of the questions that most golfers begin to ask themselves after their bad shot. Unless you are extremely well versed and knowledgeable about your swing you are unlikely to work out what happened in the few seconds you have before you are expected to make your next shot.

The truth is that if you are asking yourself any of these types of questions when you are setting up to the ball you cannot possibly commit fully to the shot in hand. And if you do not commit to the shot you will not make a rhythmic or pleasing swing.

A far more effective solution in this situation is to carry out your normal debrief after the shot. An effective post-shot routine allows you to draw a line beneath the last shot and start afresh with a relaxed mind going into the next shot.

If your rhythm is off it is best to keep focused upon the real basics whilst on the course. You can hit the range later or take a lesson later to work out the mechanics of the matter.

And so what are the real basics?

Double and triple check your alignment, because this is more often the perpetrator of a bad swing than you probably think. It is also a really easy one to fix!

Be doubly safe in your course management; remember to play with what is seemingly happening on the day in your swing. Choose the safest shots. Play to your strengths.

Double up your focus and concentration and really make sure you pick a good safe target and remain glued to it. Dial in your focus.

Take an extra practice swing and focus upon feeling a free rhythm. Loosen your grip. Perhaps even shake yourself out like a rag doll first so as to release tension.

Ensure that you adhere to your pre and post-shot routines to the letter. You are doubly reliant upon your mental game when your rhythm is below par!

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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