Recycling Ideas To Share with Your Child

When time nears for a child to leave the nest, most parents feel both joy and dread. Many parents make that transition gracefully with the child who is not disabled. However, parents of children with dual sensory impairments or other severe disabilities are often confronted with issues they have never before considered. Although this can be a very stressful time, there is way to help make transition smoother. Even when a child is very young there are things that families can begin to do to plan for the future.

Draw up a will, plan your estate and write a Letter of Intent.
Plan for their child’s adulthood very early on.
Get to know adults with disabilities
Find out about support options which exist in your community
Learn to advocate for services you and your child will need in the future.
Keep your connections to your community.
Help your child make connections in his community.
Give your child opportunities to contribute to his family, his friends, and his community.
Be sure your child has the skills he needs to communicate with others.

1) The most recycled product used by consumers in the world today is the automobile. Nearly every car taken off the road is recycled. If all the cars recycled in one year were lined up, the line would circle the earth almost two times.
2) Help organize a recycling drive at your kid’s school, on your street, in your community, or in your home. It doesn’t take much to start. Be sure to separate recyclable materials into different categories like glass, paper, plastics and metals. Find out where you’re nearest recycling center is by looking in the phone book.
3) Plant a tree. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen that we need to survive.
4) Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals on your grass and yard. They are harmful to the water we drink, to kids who play on the lawn, and the animals that walk on it.
5) Hold garage sales or donate any old clothes or materials you have to charity

Another thing is to be considered, Parents are among the world’s most passionate art collectors, saving their children’s artwork until every nook and cranny is filled. But when space runs out, how do you decide what to keep, what to recycle and how to display all of those precious things.

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