Recreating Your Dealership’s Experience Online through Pictures

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but on your dealership’s website they could be worth even more. The purpose of your dealership’s website should be to recreate your physical, in-store experience online. Unfortunately many dealerships fail to do this by creating websites that feature bulky text, long descriptions, and little in the way of dynamic images. Providing the specs of a vehicle in your inventory or describing your service options may be essential but without proper images to back up the text the essential message you are trying to convey will be lost on consumers.

Online consumers do not want to read about your inventory, they want to see it. Much like how a sales person in your physical showroom would show a consumer the car they are interested in while explaining the specific details, your dealership website should include images to coincide with on-site text. Read on to see how you can use images on your dealership’s website to recreate your dealership online:

Have Your Inventory Models on Display
Your dealer website should keep up to date photos of its inventory, both new and used. By doing so you give your online consumers the chance to see what car is physically appealing to them before they learn about the vehicle itself. This is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished by keeping stock inventory photos on your website. This strategy is best used for your dealership’s new inventory. When showing photos of your used inventory it is best to upload photos of the actual vehicles within your inventory. This allows the consumer to see exactly what they are dealing with, not an approximation.

By keeping photos of your inventory online you can recreate your dealership’s showroom on your website. Those photos will give online consumers the capability to peruse your inventory as if they were actually in your physical showroom. Coupling inventory text with sleek and attractive photos on your website will give your consumers the tools necessary to be knowledgeable consumers when they enter your physical showroom.

Provide Photos of Your Staff
Another way to recreate your dealership online is to include pictures of your staff on your website. By including pictures of your staff online you can put a human face on your website. This is especially important if your website has the live interaction feature that allows consumers to chat live with a sales person while on your website. This feature – coupled with a photo of the actual sales person – can be a powerful tool in helping consumers browsing your website by having someone with them answering any questions they may have. Much like what would happen in an actual dealership.

Showing pictures of your staff on your website allows consumers to see your trained and professional team members. This puts a human face on an experience that can often be very impersonal – i.e. browsing a website. If your website has the live interaction feature, putting the picture of the staff member that a consumer may interact with recreates the feeling of speaking to a real person.

Include Images of Your Dealership
You should include pictures of your dealership to establish the aesthetic and feel of your business to online consumers. These pictures should be included in the homepage of your website as well as alongside any information about the history of the dealership – usually found in the “about us” section.

By including the pictures of the dealership’s location and building you are allowing online consumers to experience what it would be like to visit your dealership, without leaving the comfort of their home. This recreates your dealership online, enticing consumers to view your dealership in person.

The use of pictures on a dealership’s website is a powerful tool in recreating your physical showroom and dealership for online consumers. By recreating your dealership online for consumers you can entice them to visit your dealership in person, creating a successful transition from online to real-life consumer.