Recovery may be difficult not impossible

Life has never been a bed of roses. It is like a coin which has two sides to it. Life offers a fair share of good and bad times. When ever times are good, little do we care about the hard times that lie ahead. But when times are bad, we end up loosing control over ourselves and slip into that state of mind where there is neither the will nor the enthusiasm to live life. There may be too many such situations in life where recovery does not come that easily.

There are lots of people who suffer from severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse in childhood. Such suffers have a tough time living life normally. They either fall prey to depression or live in a fear thinking about the past. Many even face a lot of problem in their sexual life. Although they grow up but the traumatic childhood remains an unforgettable page. Life gives several chances to recover but not all come out of it so easily. There is very little difference between the mind of a child and wet clay. You mold them into whatever shape you want and they take it up with the least difficulty. These people who suffer from extreme trauma needs, a lot of encouragement and support from parents, friends and all other concerned ones. Very delicate matters of this kind needs to be handled with a lot of care. Recovery might take a lot of time. A lot of patience is very necessary. This is not just for the person recovering but for all the others around him.

There are a lot of people who are addicted to too many hazardous things. Some are thorough alcoholics whereas the others smoke to all glory. Snuffing too is an addiction with many. Drug addicts are a class apart who have very little idea about a normal life, once they are into their addiction. These addicts find it very difficult live life without their addiction. As water is to normal man, alcohol s to an alcoholic. Their life revolves around their addiction. There have been several cases where these addicts have wanted to recover. The will for recovery could be due to several reasons. It could either be the love of their family members or a wish to live life peacefully. Such a thought in itself is the first step to recovery. The rest follows thereafter. Life always offers a second chance. Such is the case with these addicts too. Lucky are the ones who grab their chance and set on their road to recovery.

Sometimes recovery takes a long time for the ones who have lost their near and dear ones. They take a lot of time to recover from the fact that the person exist no more. It almost causes a mental disbalance in some cases. Time is the best healer. Recovery may definitely be difficult but never impossible.

In our daily lives too we wish for the recovery of people who are either suffering from some sickness or have met with an accident. Just a mere wishing will definitely not cure the person but it is just that which brings in a hope in him to come back to life and live it happily.

Recovery from anything does not come that easily but a hope from within and an encouragement by the people around can works miracles. Life may have a lot of challenges but credit goes to the ones who try to overcome them and live life beautifully.