Recognizing ADHD Symptoms

ADHD is a condition that affects many children and it is can be difficult for parents to distinguish whether their child has it or not. So what are the symptoms of ADHD and what should you really be looking out for?

Generally the symptoms of ADHD are divided into two categories. The first category is inattention symptoms which include:

Making little, careless mistakes.
Unable to organize tasks or activities.
Losing everything.
Being easily distracted.
Not listening properly.

Those are just a few of the inattention symptoms and many parents find them extremely frustrating. They are often disregarded as the child being naughty and simply ignoring your instructions on purpose, so that is why many parents do have trouble understanding whether their children are suffering with ADHD or not.

The second category is hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms. These are often easier to diagnose and they include:

Talking all the time.
Always fidgeting or squirming around on the floor.
Getting up when they have been told to stay there.
They are always running around and doing something.
Answering questions far too early.
Interrupting you or visitors to the home all the time.
Cannot wait for anything.

They just seem to have no regard for others and the behaviour is often classed as extremely naughty. Usually you have to wait six months to see if the symptoms are still persistent. If they are then it is likely that your child will be diagnosed with ADHD.

The trouble with ADHD is that it is often misdiagnosed as most children go through phases of not wanting to do anything they are told and they are also hyperactive. Some children can be really tiring and they just seem to have energy all day and night. It does not necessarily mean that they have ADHD and that is why you do have to wait six months before you know whether it is a permanent behaviour problem or not.

Your child also does not have to show all of the above symptoms. Some children have either hyperactivity or inattention symptoms whilst others have a combination of both. So this means that all children with ADHD are different and some have more severe symptoms than others.

Overall the condition is a frustrating and difficult one to deal with. However there are ways to treat the symptoms, so it is best to go to the doctor as soon as you suspect that your child could be suffering from ADHD.