Recession Fashion-When To Skimp Or Spend?

We used to live in a world of spend, spend, spend but ever since the recession we’re holding onto our fashion dollars just a little bit tighter. Faced with limited cash, you may be looking more closely at what you really want, and more importantly, need to buy in order to look fashionable and hip.

Which items deserve a good portion of your budget and which ones should be inexpensive add-ons? Check out our Skimp or Spend Checklist below to find out.

1. Skimp on Accessories
One sure way to waste money is to buy expensive accessories to complete a look of the moment. Accessories are very important to finish a look, but be careful. It’s fine to pay top dollar for a belt you wear all the time but don’t waste your money on an expensive belt with a short style life.

2. Spend on the Important Basics
Spending a decent amount on a great classic shirt, a beautiful cashmere sweater and one great white stretch t-shirt is important, even it means paying a higher price. These, along with other wardrobe basics, are investment pieces. The foundation of your wardrobe should be quality staples that will get daily wear; they tend to cost a little more but will certainly be worth it for the amount of wear they will get.

3. Skimp on Casual Shoes
Unless you’re buying shoes for work (which need to be the best quality you can find) shoes do not need to be expensive. Go often to your favorite discount shoe stores to get the best offerings. If you are just running around on the weekends, you don’t need to wear expensive shoes. Save your money for buying shoes when it really matters, like great work shoes or sneakers to exercise in.

4. Spend on Jeans
The most important thing about jeans is to find a pair that fit you perfectly, regardless of price. Get over the label obsession and keep shopping until you find the perfect pair for your body. Remember, no one will notice the brand of jeans if they’re looking at your fabulous figure in perfectly fitting jeans.

5. Spend on a Good Bra
Think of your outfit as a building. Without a good foundation, the whole thing will crumble. Keep this in mind when you go bra shopping, and make sure you get professionally fitted for a bra that will lift and separate. A good bra will make you look taller and thinner by picking the girls up off your tummy and getting them back on your chest where they belong!

6. Skimp on Expensive
It’s nice to have some high end jewelry, but pearl necklaces and diamond studs can only get you so far. It’s more stylish and fun to add costume jewelry to your wardrobe. Big chunky necklaces, flashy cocktail rings, and long dangly earrings add personality to your outfits. You can find great costume jewelry at just about any clothing store. It’s the easiest way to add color and excitement to an ensemble.